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  1. timecode


    I sent an appeal on the site, even though its states not appealable i also sent a letter to the Office for the sake of explaining my situation, I know its not really much to sit here and assume i have a chance but, is it possible the "not appealable" thing is just because it was an auto detect? as in i heard you guys state they don't work sundays and using the walking script was probably how i got banned. Joke is I just spend £400 on a laptop so i could play at work and on my breaks only for OSRS lol
  2. timecode


    i literally didnt even want to bot, but i came back to the game with not a 1 gp or a single rune, sadly this has cost me an account i legit leveled from day 1 of osrs to 1576 total. I have no one to blame ofcourse ( by stating the script im in no way trying to) shit happens i guess. Id literally pay £££ for a maxed out osrs account just so i can fucking play back near or higher than i was but i never can trust buying accounts, always a risk of a take back so i might try the HQ office once before i completely give up. since i live an hour away.
  3. timecode


    I used USA WALKER to go to the fishing guild, and I also used Lite FTW fishwer for like a total of about 4 hours = 2 hours for 2 days whilst watching tv. Just needed to get myself some gp to pick up as i came back to the game with nothing. I guess now i literally have Nothing
  4. timecode


    what address should i send a letter to? i fear if i do it will just be shredded after they read and ignored as soon as they see its some sort of plea
  5. timecode


    i wasnt even playing on the 4th or is that just the delay of the ban?
  6. timecode


    some fishing script and a walking one and that was it.
  7. timecode


    Im just at my end of the line mentally, i mean i lost my friend of 11 years who i met playing runescape by the selfish act of killing himself, i just wanted to get back into what me and him used to play and yea i fucked up by doing this but it doesn't really change how empty n fucking sick i feel, i live near Cambridge i have a mind to go there but the thought of being turned away by security is making me think whats the use.
  8. timecode


    I made this account the day oldschool runescape came out, i quit a while ago ( 538 days about) and just came back.
  9. timecode


  10. timecode


    I came back after like 533 days of not playing. I got VIP and used a fishing script for like 2 hours whilst i watched netflix. then used it to walk somewhere the next day. Im now banned not appeal able, I feel sick i really guess i shouldn't of bothered using it especially when that account is my main and has so many memories. I would literally pay £1000 or whatever if they would just give me another chance, I feel so messed up in my head man, my friend killed him self the other week n runescape was helping me out. what the fuck do i do
  11. Wow I usesd Tribot for a total o 2 hours and got banned, there goes years of work down the toilet. Just wanted to share the info. supeer upset. gl all be safe. and be careful, dont risk it im devastated.
  12. Thanks i also realsied i needed to be in fixed window too, followed the steps now its running between 6-20% open and less when minimized like 10 or under
  13. Nope. I mean I cant even work out whats making it happen, i maybe i should re locate the file onto desktop over the portable flash?
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