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  1. Thats okay but i made another account to activate my other paypal there. But the problem is I CANT VERIFY THE MAIL, as tribot doesnt send me the mail. When i click the resend button it redirects me to: "You are not allowed to view this"
  2. Someone? Ive tried to make a new account to activate my paypal there but im still waiting for the mail to confirm my tribot acc... (waited for over 7 hours)
  3. Can someone remove my confirmed paypal email? I want to change it because i dont have access to it anymore OR Can an admin send me mail activation for my second account (jaydzz) where I have been waiting for for over a day now?...
  4. link down? got screens?
  5. ur looking for specific items in bulk so shouldnt u be paying more instead of less? lol
  6. this script doesnt bank to get food here :/
  7. half price torso?