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  1. Every time I attempt to load tribot, it gives me the following error in this picture: Is there something I should do to fix this? Thanks http://gyazo.com/17123129f9e1619ce4fc06b1ff7b46fa
  2. I want to run various clients to auto click one item and to be able to do random events and repeat the same :c
  3. i want it to click on a certain item but if it gets a random event, i want it to be able to do it and not just log out :c
  4. Requesting a scripter to write me a autoclicker and able to do random events, paying decent, pm or leave here your skype, thanks
  5. I've added you on skype, thanks for the explanation
  6. I've bought normal VIP 2/3 days a go but i just realized i need VIP Extended to use proxys, is there a way to add 2$ or w.e it is to get it extended or i'll need to buy VIP Extended for the full ammount? I'll waste the month i bought of Normal Vip or what will happen ? Thanks
  7. need someone to run a few advertising accounts for myself in a certain place autotyping w.e i want, paying good, pm me your skype or leave it here if youre able to do it, not looking for autochat advertising, i need someone using a autotyper script or something, thanks
  8. Pm me your skype or leave here your skype. Thanks
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