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  1. Hey guys, i have gotten this error twice now, [10:24:08] Starting client. [10:24:45] Downloading script 'Fluffees Tutorial v2'. [10:24:54] Script Started: Fluffees Tutorial v2. [10:30:25] Script Ended: Fluffees Tutorial v2. [10:30:42] Downloading script 'Fluffees Tutorial v2'. [10:30:52] Script Started: Fluffees Tutorial v2. [10:40:55] ‹ Its not pasting how its showing up in the debug its most likely user error im just not sure what because it says [11:01:58] ‹ [11:01:26] Foreground:#FF0000~~Background:#ffffff~~Error - Not sure why this happened. Copy the error above and send it to Fluffee. Awesome script man!
  2. Nah, i avoid other bot clients because all they sell are lifetime unlimited auths. I find the ban rate higher.. the kind of abuse lifetime unlimited leads to probably gives jagex more then enough data. I dont support lifetime regardless.
  3. No one here is really wrong.. I bet no one would have had a problem if it was executed properly. I like the changes.. yeah i lost lifetime auths to some good scripts but its not like i wasted my money. I just want to see more scripters producing innovative features in a competitive environment.
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    My new favorite script-er across the board. Keep up the good work Einstein!
  5. Thanks for the reply Fluffee I'm using 2captcha, Ill check to make sure i didn't change my key by mistake. (i've done that before ) and awesome! i'm looking forward to the update!
  6. Hey Guys, I keep getting this error when i go to start the script. i have it set to creat accounts. I have tried deleting the tribot folder but no luck, any advice? thanks guys [01:55:16] Script Started: Fluffees Tutorial v2. [02:00:11] java.lang.NullPointerException [02:00:11] at scripts.fluffeesTutorialIsland.tasks.h.a.h.c.B(SolveCaptcha.java:32) [02:00:11] at scripts.fluffeesTutorialIsland.Main.m(Main.java:196) [02:00:11] at scripts.fluffeesTutorialIsland.Main.run(Main.java:177) [02:00:11] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [02:00:11] Script Ended: Fluffees Tutorial v2. Also, Is there an option to just create the accounts without the tutorial island feature? I cant seem to find one Thanks
  7. Hey guys, When you select to use proxy with 2 captcha whats what mean exactly? Does it just use your real info to interact with the 2captcha ? if so when the captcha result is returned does it expose your real info?
  8. im trying to use a black axe on a lvl 1 attack account. It keeps on checking bank then attempting to go get the free bronze axe. I have tried running script with all axe options on and off but still haven't had luck. Awesome script! Thanks Edit: Is there a way to keep Armour on while wcing? script deposits worn items as well?
  9. Yeah, the extension used presets for the browser type (explorer.exe, Chrome.exe) and a few other things. Chrome Has an extension called Random User Agent That can be copy and pasted, i just wasnt sure about the rest But after reviewing that link https://www.whatismybrowser.com/detect/what-http-headers-is-my-browser-sending I think i got it figured out . I've never seen a creation script with a feature for 2captcha proxy, how does this work? Thank You
  10. Under connection then header info, I've used a chrome extension to change my current one and the gui just had clickable boxes for os and browser info. Could this be explained or maybe a link to a good resource ? Thanks guys
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    Congrats! Another awesome addition
  12. that looks like the one I don't bot much anymore but does something like that help at all?
  13. world of Warcraft released a page about play times that is extremely helpful.. it gives you mean and sd for the days of the week and stuff. I'm got a new pc so I don't have it bookmarked anymore sadly or I would share
  14. sgt p0wned

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    Ok awesome! thank you about to give the trial a go now