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  1. As an additional note to this, it looks like maps will work properly if using fixed client mode while they are sorting this out.
  2. Just a quick shoutout on this script. Using intermediate boat with a few customized settings it has performed nearly flawless for almost 3k points. GREAT rewrite on this, keep up the awesome work! Couple of suggestions from watching it, mostly minor: Brawler pathing - A lot of the time when this script gets stuck it will click to an object, run into a brawler, then just sit there trying to right click the original object Camera - Would it be possible to add a "mouse button only" option for the camera? Or a sensitivity slider for how often the camera is used? Right clicking object - When right clicking to attack something it seems to path through the player list options that display on that right click really really fast. Possibly slowing this action or adding a misclick to make it a little less bot like-response wise. Overall, fantastic job on this script, thanks!
  3. Hands down aAgility Not only are all of Aropupu's scripts amazing, but the amount of customization you have available is fantastic. There are a lot of great scripters on this site, but the support that Aropupu provides when issues arise, or how responsive he is when you need help takes it a step further. His customer service skills are truly a thing of beauty, and the aAgility v3 ability to record your actions and customize your agility patterns based on your own movements, takes botting to the next level.
  4. For anyone else that may run into this. Per your suggestion after toggling off the "can be clicked through" option for the chat box the script is working flawlessly. Thanks again!
  5. One thing i've noticed when using v3 in the motherlode mine is that if the camera angle aligns with where the click is supposed to be and there is an in game prompt that appears, the script gets stuck and keeps trying to click on the travel tile (which is covered by the chat prompt). For example, if you repair the wheel, and the next action is to click the sack but the camera angle is in a way that the "you successfully repaired the wheel" chat box is displaying over top of the sack, it'll get stuck trying to click the sack but instead click the chat box repeatedly. Same thing happens if when it is withdrawing ore from the sack to bank and the bank deposit box is angled where the chat box it, the script will get stuck clicking the prompt on how many ores were withdrawn (trying to click the bank box). I'll try to take a video of this later if i notice it happen again.
  6. For some reason the script keeps getting caught in a loop withdrawing and depositing stamina potion. I'm starting in edgeville bank, staff of air equipped, glories, stam pots, food, orbs, cosmics all at very top of bank. Arguments for food and percentage set correctly. But when i start, it is just sitting at the bank withdrawing stam pot, using it, then depositing again. Don't see any errors. Any thoughts?
  7. Having a new issue today where my mouse clicks on tribot appear to be offcenter which is causing issues with scripts. Running OSBuddy with LG client. You can see the actual click in the above screenshot is slightly to the left of the normal tribot click. Tried deleting hooks, clearing cache, deleting and downloading new client. None have fixed it so far. Any thoughts?
  8. Script works great, used it for the past few weeks flawlessly. Thanks!
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