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  1. Hi everyone, We started selling proxies a few years ago and we still have a lot of proxies which never been used for RS before. All proxies are private, fresh, 1GB/s, 99,9% uptime, locations available; US, Los Angeles UK, London DE, Frankfurt NL, Naaldwijk NL, Amsterdam Let me know if anyone is interested Thanks!
  2. Guest

    hey bro im new can u message me or something idk what im doing

  3. Mh that sucks, any more changes in the last 2 months? I saw proxies aren't effective anymore?
  4. Are you saying all proxies are standard flagged now?
  5. And how is the CPU is it still quite high?
  6. I was using looking glass from early stages, but quit rs because i was to busy. How is it working out now, any improvements? And how are the bans these days with looking glass?
  7. Releax, won't take that long.
  8. Login bot doesnt work anymore, you can only use the client when you don't set an account. We have to wait until @TRiLeZ fix the bug. EDIT: Don't set an account doesnt work for me either. Lets wait.
  9. @Salad Boy is right, those amounts aren't that high so you should be fine.
  10. 1. You have to renew VIP E / VIP yourself with credits. 2. Yes, tribot client and webbrowser/osbuddy have to be (and stay) open at the same time.
  11. If you are sure you are running tribot with proxies you should be safe to play on your main IP (if your IP isn't flagged from botting before or something).
  12. Haha i know, but trilez just gave someone extra credit because it took longer or something like that. So I just saw like 3 or 4 topics from people with 1 post saying they didn't received credits.
  13. I guess people are trying to get some free credits now..
  14. Dude https://tribot.org/forums/forum/142-selling/
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