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  1. HyperX anytime, anyday <3 I'm just in love with this beast.
  2. Oh I see, my bad. Didn't even read which section this thread was created in. Apparently this is useful for Script Publishers
  3. Nice, I like the GUI as well. But isn't scripts automatically updated on each start? Like the scripts I use always says "Downloading %Script Name%" Which I assume it downloads the most recent script update?
  4. Windows 10 - GeForce GTX 770
  5. No problems here. I run Tribot looking glass, I run a triple monitor setup. I use team viewer several times a day, and no problems. As mentioned above, delete your .Tribot folder.
  6. Yeah, have the same problem with Fletching. I have 50 fps with LG, so no laggs at all. But just takes ages to perform every action. Getting 65k xp/hr strinking maple longs with LG. 125k xp/hr without LG.
  7. They're currently offline, but they're usually online around midnight GMT. So 8-10 hours from now, if not less. https://yohogold.com/
  8. Which script are you using? Some scripts only allow 2 instances, or 1 etc.
  9. Just put your potions in your bank. Works completely fine for me
  10. I use https://localbitcoins.com - You can send bitcoins, receive bitcoins, buy bitcoins with paypal, credit card etc, and sell your bitcoins for paypal, etc.
  11. Hi, After you've added the Dragon Dagger option, I forgot I had to do the Lost City quest. After doing that, and tested the Dragon Dagger, it won't switch to it and doesn't use the special attack? My main weapon is a Dragon Scimitar. However, it does use special attack on current weapon when I have my Dragon Dagger wielded.
  12. What version of Java are you running? Double check. I had both Java version installed on my computer. So when Tribot was looking for my java, it kept choosing the 64 bit, so I just deleted the 64 bit, and kept the other.