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  1. I use https://localbitcoins.com - You can send bitcoins, receive bitcoins, buy bitcoins with paypal, credit card etc, and sell your bitcoins for paypal, etc.
  2. Hi, After you've added the Dragon Dagger option, I forgot I had to do the Lost City quest. After doing that, and tested the Dragon Dagger, it won't switch to it and doesn't use the special attack? My main weapon is a Dragon Scimitar. However, it does use special attack on current weapon when I have my Dragon Dagger wielded.
  3. What version of Java are you running? Double check. I had both Java version installed on my computer. So when Tribot was looking for my java, it kept choosing the 64 bit, so I just deleted the 64 bit, and kept the other.
  4. Well it is buddy. Works just fine, running 2 accounts on it as well.
  5. Great Script! I've been using it for almost a day, great so satisfied! Definitely renewing my subscription if everything goes well! - Just something I'd like to have added, which helps a lot of people out there. Could you please add Dragon Dagger? The normal one without poison? Since the poison reduces xp/hr. Or maybe just make it so we just put the name of the weapon we want to use spec for. This way we can use any weapon we want! Cheers
  6. Doesn't select how many to cook. I'm trying to cook lobster in the Rogue's Den. It uses the lobster on the fire, but doesn't choose how many to cook.
  7. Only reason I'm making a second main, after maxing my first main. - Is because it's so easy to get 99s with ExNMZ.
  8. At 75 you can use an ags
  9. Try running everything in Administrator. Try running OSB first, then Tribot. Tru running Tribot first, then OSB.
  10. I would go for 99 str, 75 atk, 99 range, 94 magic (You can get 99 later), 43 prayer, 1 def
  11. He might help you I've done several transaction with him, pretty fast, and smooth @YoHoJo
  12. I'm wondering why you can't buy from Tribot? Since your paypal is already verified.
  13. "I know exactly why i'm not able to reach it but i don't know what to do about it." What do you mean, by saying you know exactly why you can't shutdown the script. Please be more specific Did you try changing your password, and email, and tried again?