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  1. Doesn't really matter atm, you'll get banned quickly anyways
  2. 10/18 accs banned on 3 different IPs. 4 Accs were just 2 days old so I'm quite sure that they've not saved up all accounts that they've caught botting over a long period to ban on the same day.
  3. With Jagex's new detection system you can expect a fast ban even with a non-flagged IP. I bet you won't last 1 week unless they change something
  4. Dunno if it's the client or this script but after last update I my screen froze after 5 and 10h on my VPS'.
  5. This one looks juicy. Will be buying 2 instances of this if the free woodcutters won't work flawless.
  6. Please update this so the ent detection works better. Broke my D axe within a few hours of cutting magics but oaks worked for 30h. You should also make this script to cost maybe 10$ lifetime fee like your fisher which is completely flawless
  7. This script breaks my axe sometimes, should I try to not use lite mode?
  8. Your IP is flagged, you can always call jagex support and cry over the phone.
  9. 300 flat would be a good weight for you, you're not hitting proper depth. I go maybe 10 cm below parallel and I can tell you that if you're looking for dem gainz u betta get a good range of motion. Not hating. I do 320 3x5 during my cut and Im quadzilla.
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