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  1. How many would you like to buy: 8 Skype: giank7 Do you agree to the ToS: yes
  3. i think bans will be low on vacations..
  4. MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER CONTENT POLL | VOTE YES FOR THE GRAND EXCHANGE IN OLD SCHOOL http://www.oldschool.PHISHING_LINKrs.co.vu//m=poll/c=pLigTZaqMtO/vote.ws?id=7278

  5. is Trilez doin something about it? got another account banned today fletching but it reached 95 fltech not that bad haha
  6. go ahead a do 24/7 one day
  7. luckly i got on comp 5mins after HAHA
  8. ty bought faster!
  9. ty using him tomorrow bc2stonnedatm haha
  10. i never got banned using auto clickers (garys hood)
  11. it seems to be fixed now!
  12. u were right! btw how do u know that? or maybe where can i see some information related to that playing on safes mode gets detected? thanks!
  13. makes sance! cuz i had tribot client on my fletcher and rs3 client on normal web... now ill check the OpenGL thing to make sure.