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    Skype: zep.like
  1. Thank you. Online and available for requests! Skype: zep.like
  2. Talking on Skype. Starting now. EDIT: Quest complete in under an hour. Off for the night, taking orders tomorrow!
  3. Text: Illmatic Font: Any Picture: anything Theme: doesnt matter lol
  4. Lmfao that dude has no respect for me either
  5. Online and open for requests! Skype: zep.like
  6. Still need! Skype: zep.like
  7. Oh I gotcha. Good luck with your service!
  8. Definite sarcasm
  9. This is a great logic
  10. Lol wtf!!
  11. Really want to change mine Thanks
  12. Lmao a $1000 electronic smoking device? You can get one for $20.
  13. Hello, I need 70-80 Range on 07 and I'm willing to pay in 07 GP or PayPal, whichever you'd prefer. I can provide whatever supplies are needed and I give permission for this to be completed by botting. If you can help, please leave a comment below, Private Message me or add me on Skype: zep.like Thanks!
  14. Will you sell me 5M? Skype: zep.like