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  1. I can sell you some gold, PM'ed
  2. OTF

    Buying 30M $2.5 USD Each

    Sold him 7m - payed me a little extra as well. Very friendly. Would sell again.
  3. Happened to me for any script, happens when I minimize it to tray. Script has been running fine for me. Nice job, Spiker
  4. Got another one: Sometimes when it switches worlds it has already clicked snare and has trouble logging out. Eventually it does, but it just loops from clicking snare then door. Client Debug [21:55:06] Switching to world 76.[21:55:27] Switching worlds because you have not caught an impling in 2.5 minutes.[21:55:27] Switching to world 62.[21:55:48] Switching worlds because you have not caught an impling in 2.5 minutes.14 Bot Debug:[21:22:43] at scripts.PuroPuro.e(PuroPuro.java:1002)[21:22:43] at scripts.PuroPuro.M(PuroPuro.java:1148)[21:22:43] at scripts.PuroPuro.C(PuroPuro.java:1549)[21:22:43] at scripts.PuroPuro.run(PuroPuro.java:257)[21:22:43] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[21:25:21] java.lang.NullPointerException[21:25:21] at scripts.PuroPuro.e(PuroPuro.java:1002)[21:25:21] at scripts.PuroPuro.M(PuroPuro.java:1085)[21:25:21] at scripts.PuroPuro.C(PuroPuro.java:1549)[21:25:21] at scripts.PuroPuro.run(PuroPuro.java:257)[21:25:21] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[21:26:09] java.lang.NullPointerException[21:26:09] at scripts.PuroPuro.e(PuroPuro.java:1002)[21:26:09] at scripts.PuroPuro.M(PuroPuro.java:1106)[21:26:09] at scripts.PuroPuro.C(PuroPuro.java:1549)[21:26:09] at scripts.PuroPuro.run(PuroPuro.java:257)[21:26:09] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[21:26:43] java.lang.NullPointerException[21:26:43] at scripts.PuroPuro.e(PuroPuro.java:1002)[21:26:43] at scripts.PuroPuro.M(PuroPuro.java:1127)[21:26:43] at scripts.PuroPuro.C(PuroPuro.java:1549)[21:26:43] at scripts.PuroPuro.run(PuroPuro.java:257)[21:26:43] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[21:27:34] Unknown login message: 121[21:27:34] Unknown login message: 743[21:30:35] Unknown login message: 0[21:30:35] Unknown login message: 0[21:36:53] Unknown login message: 383 Status: Switching worlds.[21:55:48] Switching to world 14. Bot Debug:
  5. Here is when it gets stuck/waits at the center for a couple of minutes Bot Debug: [13:33:38] at scripts.PuroPuro.C(PuroPuro.java:1549)[13:33:38] at scripts.PuroPuro.run(PuroPuro.java:257)[13:33:38] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[13:35:38] Unknown login message: 357[13:38:33] Unknown login message: 192[13:38:33] Unknown login message: 743 Client Debug:[13:38:11] Switching worlds because you have not caught an impling in 2.5 minutes.[13:38:11] Switching to world 9.[13:38:22] Login bot started.[13:38:22] Login Bot: Login...[13:38:35] Login bot succeeded. Status Says: Getting out of center
  6. New to this stuff, so how do I send you that debug? The proggy status just says. Switching worlds i think. Ill check again.
  7. Bot gets stuck at changing worlds once in a while. Barely catching anything as well. 50-100k/hr if I am lucky. Gets stuck pressing the door button. (keeps right clicking) Please fix it. Thank you for your effort bro.
  8. Yeah man, happens to me too when i use 'minimize to tray' Stopped doing that and it works smooth. Another thing @ Spiker : Sometimes my player gets stuck at the center for like 1-3 minutes and the status is "leaving the center" it just stays for a bit , seems a little bot like thats all. Other then that, has been running pretty decent. Thanks.
  9. Just grabbed a bond off him, very fast and smooth. Will buy again! ++
  10. I noticed a weird problem. The script sees the dragon imp , snares it fails to catch then instead of trying to catch again it just world hops. Edit: It just exchanged a dragon imp jar for 3 jars....
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