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  1. I've gone from 56 to 93 Agility in about a week. The script is wonderful. I've been running it for about 12 hours a day with no ban as of yet. Going for 99 before my auth ends.
  2. Does this still need java 8? I can open tribot other ways but when i try to open it with anything other than x86 it doesnt open and sends me errors.
  3. Understandable. Sorry if I came off aggressive, I am learning the best gear setup to make switches a bare minimum and to get the least deaths. It's defiantly getting better!
  4. So far, it's been dying and the kills that i have gotten are very slow. My last two deaths were from the melee form and failure to move. the pray switches are always delayed also so i get hit for a ranged hit in a very easy ranged form. As of right now, the script is worth far less that 20 dollars a month. With better reaction times and correct eating/movement/pray switching, it will be. (Yes I have upped the reaction time and mouse speed in the script) Another addition: It misclicks far too much, running into the poison and freaking out. At some points it loses what phase it is and stands in the poison (this is after jad phase is over) and stays there eating sharks wasting money. Again, It's not capable of eating in time when mage form tosses two ranged hits. it just auto retaliate hits the little snakes and dies. I have noticed that it takes forever to rotate the screen. any way you can implement a faster rotate such as how real players use their middle click to rotate quickly? I saw that it takes so long to rotate and does nothing in the mean time that the range phase (green phase) gets a big hit off because the bot doesnt pray until it finishes rotating the screen.
  5. Is this a solid money making method? I'd like to really get into this if it is. What's the banrate like on the hosts?
  6. Being a premium script that's 10 dollars, i expected more with the falconry. it's very flawed at the moment. The bot has a bit of trouble tracing the kebbit, and once it catches one with the falcon, the bot begins trying to pick up another uncaught kebbit for atleast 20 seconds and then stands there for 10 seconds until it goes back to the original caught kebbit. I'm getting around 15k xp because of all of these bugs
  7. I'm looking into botting once more and honestly, i dont give two butts if i get temp banned. but perm is a different story
  8. Hmm actually got the ban today. I recommend to not overnight this even with breaks. Dangerous to bot this at the moment.
  9. There seems to be a problem with the PIN in the bank interface. I've put in the correct pin in the "Account Manager" but it seems to just stay there and click once or twice and stop.
  10. 7.99 a month? That's a bit steep dont you think? Costs more than the game itself. I would understand one payment of 7.99
  11. Zuzu

    Fire RuneCrafter

    doesnt work at all. it says "walking to ruins" but just stands there
  12. If you need any more testing done on top of what other's are doing, i'll be free once the client is up and running.
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