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  1. When botting in edgeville doing gold ore, every couple trips the bot will stop in the same spot next to the furnace and say a random number like "345" "244". Only bug i found
  2. Actually YoHo, one more quick question please! got my agility bot running, opened tribot w/ osbuddy, started my bot, and it's running in Tribot Looking Glass tab, aswell as my OSbuddy client. I assume that means it's working. Or am i supposed to totally close the Tribot client?
  3. Thank you very much! just had to upgrade was all
  4. i've just upgraded to VIP-E. Tried to open client (looking glass) and it says 'Please open Tribot with java JDK to use Looking Glass'. Solutions?
  5. I cannot find one tutorial on how to set up looking glass anywhere!
  6. I've been using Tribot for a while now, and have never used Looking Glass everyone talks about. I commonly bot on my main, but no more then 2 hours ever. I'm looking for someone to give me some more information on what it is, and maybe a quick tutorial on getting it set up will be greatly appreciated. Please and thanks!
  7. Wanted to try the free version before i made my purchase but when i start the script i get an error message.. "There was a problem updating your dynamic signature data" Looking for solutions! Thanks
  8. Every once in a while the status says "Getting rid of bad uptext" when superheating iron bar. Sorry didn't use bug format, just looking for a quick solution!
  9. Im not familiar with using proxies
  10. Okay with that being said. Whats the best method to make gold farmers? Im not too familiar with IP's and Looking Glass. How would i go about making multiple accounts to farm on, while playing safely on my main?
  11. Hey guys, im interested in returning to OSRS and continuing to bot, but i thought i should talk to some of you first. I've always prefered to bot one account, which is my main account w/ combat and other skills that i would actually play on at points to quest and what not, but i like to bot to get quest requirments. I havent botted in years, and im just wondering if i were to purcharse my VIP, and more premium scripts, or even use free ones, what are the best methods to not getting banned?
  12. not really what I was looking for :/
  13. Im interested in returning to Runescape after a ban about 6 months ago. I'd like to invest in Tribot again to start botting. I would strictly bot one account for a while just to get a head start back into the game. I heard there are new detection systems, and bans are more common these days. Any tips or tricks on getting one account back in it safely? And should I not bot from the same I.P I got banned from? I heard they black flag it or something? Tips please and thank you! Even suggested scripts would be nice!
  14. having trouble runecrafting natures in the abyss, bots starts, but sits in bank!
  15. Terrible script