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  1. http://www.godscripting.com/godsrevs/output.php?username=filthyyoucan
  2. One last thing.. having problem with the bank pin... keeps entering the wrong pin... is that a bug or is it the client? I've had this issue with other scripts, but I've used your script few months ago, still did the same thing, thought it might have been fixed? Anyway, looking for a solution, thank you!
  3. hmmm whats the optimal option to run the script? Not in develop mode, should I use Lite mode as well?
  4. Having issues with script just sitting on antiban at the bank if I don't click the "Salve Amulet" option. If i use salve amulet, works fine. Am using ring of wealth as well, still sits at bank on Antiban. Is it just me?
  5. Isn't it more efficient to have it sit on 88 kc due to the fact that once you go over 88 kc, it'll give you the bolt and keys? edit: https://imgur.com/oZSMkAX so I guess get 105 kc o.o
  6. So my script is going past 88% every time, is it suppose to do that? Opens chest at 90%+ Edit: I know certain monsters can add up to 88%, wondering if i need to fix my client Edit: I set the kc to 80, going to test it out if this will work for me
  7. Is it more profitable to go for 88kc instead of 100kc?
  8. [23:27:53] Using ABCL Reaction Timing [23:28:02] java.lang.InternalError: Malformed class name [23:28:02] at java.lang.Class.getSimpleName(Class.java:1330) [23:28:02] at scripts.usa.api.k.g.(VolatileRunnable.java:10) [23:28:02] at scripts.usa.api.antiban.w.(ABC.java:588) [23:28:02] at scripts.usa.api.antiban.k.h(ABC.java:567) [23:28:02] at scripts.usa.api.antiban.k.h(ABC.java:548) [23:28:02] at scripts.usa.api2007.n.g.h(Entity.java:82) [23:28:02] at scripts.usa.api2007.looting.k.C(Looter.java:113) [23:28:02] at scripts.green_dragons.d.w.h(Loot.java:23) [23:28:02] at scripts.usa.api.framework.task.TaskScript.run(TaskScript.java:85) [23:28:02] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [23:28:02] Script Ended: USA Green Dragon Killer. 1)Can't seem to run with the antiban settings on. Turned it off and seems to work fine. 2)Also can't seem to be able to start the script with TriBot firewall off. GUI opens but can't start. Request: Wondering if you can add a option to use amy of glory to tele to edgeville when getting attacked by any player
  9. is it just me or has runescape been on the ban hammer. All my new accounts got banned which were using its own proxy and 6 hour blast furnace world lollol
  10. If anyone has blast furnace ready accounts, Ill pay 20 bucks each. Must also have full info to the account. pm me for more info, thanks!
  11. When ever i try to locate my local scripts that I have already put through ide, they won't show up in the scripts when i try to test them. Any idea why this might be?
  12. Haha yeah script stopped working after the new update but gained 82 str levels in the last week or 2 And made over 8ml+ from picking up loots
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