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  1. Title says it all, I was thinking because the price of a proxy, seems to be the price of a bond. 1m gp = 0.8$ Dedicated sock for a month $2-$3 Bond $2.3 Total gp needed to bot to break even: 6M GP ~ Only reply if you actually have had a farm/have - Thanks!
  2. No problem brotha, this script still works nicely for me after buying it years ago. Which is appreciated! Would be awesome to see updates return, Do you think you could add nightmare zone support, since it's a popular way to get too 99.
  3. 8===========================================D
  4. Every solution leads to an issue. I'm using 64 bit java + jdk (uninstalled the old one) with 64 bit osbuddy... I'm still lagging like crazy.... 70% of my ram's being used and 20% of my cpu... i've made it high priority in task manager... why lord
  5. Will do, I guess i'll uninstall all 32bit versions of java and use only 64 bit , since official client + 86xjava + looking glass is laggy as shit
  6. Also thanks for the fast replies, but I downloading jdk (86x) and same issue (im picking x86 in the loaders menu) Both osbuddy and osrs are not being detected , and the web browser has gone. EDIT: i uninstalled the previous versions that were not 32bit (win 86x) java and then received a firewall prompt upon running looking glass ... now it works ! yohojo is the main man! Thanks for all the help buddy!
  7. Thanks for the tip, i gotta install 32bit jdk ... ok
  8. Yeah, that worked, thanks. Now it's not detecting my client. How do I use 32 bit tribot?
  9. Every time I open tribot, I get this. I just installed the new jdk , because I got a 2 day vip for looking glass. And now when I open tribot, I get this error. Any solutions guys? My times running out!
  10. I remember going to thread and see everyone complaining. Regardless, I'm happy - a lot of scripter's ditch there projects. I'm now at 94 construction in 3 days. I should have 99.
  11. As an ex-jagex employee, I know that the most powerful part of our bot detection system is the masturbation detector. We scan players to see if they go afk every 4 hours of game play for 2 - 3 minutes followed by a short level of boosted efficiency. This is the only way to beat the system.
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