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  1. just bought 30m quick and easy, no complications I went first and got my money within 2minutes of transferring the money Completely trustworthy!
  2. terrible script. I had been wandering around falador for a good 7 hours after being killed
  3. Well, how come I am able to run ANY other script perfectly fine, and this just fucks up all the time? Definately NOT a coincidence at all. I've ran Wc scripts, slayer, nmz, combat, magic, basicly every skill and this is the ONLY script that does not work. so No. You're wrong
  4. longest I've gotten it to run is 1 and a half hour.. always ends up in some ridiculous place.. like last night, I gained 24k xp and I found it at the wizards tower clicking a fucking wall for 9 hours if I could be refunded, I'd definately take the deal.. awful script and ridiculous customer support.
  5. Big vouch for this kid Got me 120+ Quest items in no time!
  6. I will obviously go first if you're trusted, if not we can use an MM
  7. Title says it all really Add my skype - Mikkel051195 If you're interested
  8. Order Form: Amount of gold to buy: 20M Payment Method: Skrill Have you added me on Skype already: Yes - Mikkel051195 Will you leave positive feedback and a vouch: yes
  9. Wayyy too complex to script tbh.. If anyone actually does it, I reckon it will be far from flawless and you will get reported to the moon and back by legit players
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