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  1. Scripts definitely do affect it a bit, but I think the biggest difference is the human mouse movement you get with VIP. I used a barrows script on DreamBot before, banned in 2 days, as well as ALL the accounts I was ever training on DreamBot got banned withing a couple of days. Tribot and your script do make a difference
  2. Bot sometimes gets stuck after dismissing a random, not quite sure why, nothing in the debug at all. I think I've seen it happen before and it may be holding left click on the spade until it logs out? (Usually happens after dismissing a random on top of a tomb, then gets stuck on entering)
  3. Thanks! I'll let you know.
  4. I think the issue is when a brother spawn next to the door, it sometimes missclick on the door and goes to the other side, then tries attacking from the other side of the door then going back. If this happens multiple times a second brother will spawn and it usually results in a death
  5. Mostly having issue with this on accounts with under 60def 60hp yeah, but from what I've seen getting stuck on doors is the main reason they die
  6. Can't really give too much detail as I have not been babysitting at death times, but from where they were stuck I'd guess they withdrew a barrows tab/spade and got stuck somewhere in the process of going to the items. I've also noticed that the script shows the wrong brother that killed it sometimes (eg. Dharok tunnel, says it died on Ahrim in tunnel) https://pastebin.com/67t2pQ7Y
  7. Deathwalking does not seem to ever work. It either gets stuck in the tunnel or at the bank, then stops the script. Also most of the deaths happen when character is between 2 doors and the brother spawn. It keeps missclicking on the door, sometimes spawning 2.
  8. Would love a special attack option and maybe eagle eye support. Otherwise great script!
  9. I'm on windows 10. Disabled Firewall+Windows defender, same result Other scripts download and run normally.
  10. Hey, was trying the script out with the trial, and suddenly it started throwing errors and shutting down on start. I tried restarting the client/deleting hooks/with LG and without. Added the error log. RevsError.txt
  11. Yeah, but I'm running/making p2p accounts for higher tier scripts like zulrah/barrows/revenants. So not getting banned within 24 hours is kind of a big deal.
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