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  1. Rename the zip file to osbuddy.jar on mac and then just double click it will open with java.
  2. It's probably LG that makes the difference.
  3. You got banned by mixing in bad bots with this one. People used this all the way to 99 like myself botting 14h+ a day without any bans. OP's bots are solid. Got many 99's with his bots.
  4. Does any dev know when the problems with runecrafting are gonna be solved? Right now all the premium/free scripts can't seem to click on altars but there's no known progress on this. This bug has been posted on gitlab by warlord few weeks back and all premium scripts have been disabled from being sold.
  5. Delete JRE immediately. The file downloaded from osbuddy should be a zip file. Rename it to osbuddy.jar and it will open with Java.
  6. Don't do things you'll regret.
  7. Use the trial and get ur own answers..
  8. This bug isn't even being worked on right now so extension wont matter. @TRiLeZ can you give this some priority?
  9. Are the devs working on this? The issue posted on gitlab has no updates.
  10. Same here .. I'm 9 levels away from max cape and 100's of mills on my main all from botting 14 hours a day using tribot. No ban so far.
  11. I botted over 80% of my skills to 99 on my main and almost max cape aside from RC. For me LG helped .. i botted around 14 hours daily.
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