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  1. is the account have any quests, or is it just a fresh account?
  2. This happens to most people inevitably . It happens to do with a change of IP, among other factors that flagged the TriBot payment security system. You're out of luck. I would buy credits with gp.
  3. Macro Minor ban is 2 days.
  4. Hey, I have an assignment in MicroSoft Access I need help with. Anybody have experience with MS Access? If so add my skype live:supremegoldfarmer Thanks, SupremeLeader
  5. SupremeLeader

    advaice boting

    You get what you put into it. If you're willing to invest a lot of money, time and advanced coding programs then yes. If not, don't really expect to make consistent money. It will be based on luck.
  6. If even just a few people bot this, the method crashes to shit (cooking actually does make more). It isn't worth to farm it, and not to mention it is high ban rate.
  7. First of all "Afking" isn't banable. Being AFK means doing a task with little required attention hence "Away From Keyboard" but if YOU'RE BOTTING then yes it is banable. As I think you mean you're botting as you say "With client help". It doesn't matter what you're botting (if it is afk or not) it is banable.
  8. Due to the repetitiveness and simplicity of the task, it is easy for Jagex to detect an auto clicker.
  9. I think overall alching is a bad idea. But, if you do it... Do it in a busy are where people won't interact with you. If a legit player was alching, there is no reason to alch in your house (etc), which in my line of thinking... Try to do nothing that Jagex would view as "odd".
  10. SupremeLeader

    mac bot help

    Post screen shots for more accurate help.
  11. So you're currently banned on TriBot on another account for scamming?
  12. SupremeLeader

    Agility Bot

    The best script is subjective. The script is only a small part in bans.
  13. Interesting idea. But, to fellow botters I would NEVER recommend using public proxies or even private proxies that get recycled.
  14. I would recommend probably switching your proxy provider, and using different scripts/methods. Botting is not easy, you need to be smart. It is just not about how long you bot, or the client. Their are a lot of factors that go into not getting banned.
  15. My suggestion would be to buy credits with gold. There are automated shops which make the process really easy, and even if you pay somebody with PayPal you're not going to get a 1:1 ratio any ways =/. So IMO instead of wasting time I would by with gold
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