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  1. hope the looting glitch was fixed, couldnt leave and go afk for 10 minutes with out it glitching out until herb dissapeared, really frustrating :c
  2. this script is actually amazing, never before have i felt so comfortable running a script and going afk, i love love loveeeee it!!
  3. cheers a lot protein!! i sat in my self pity for years man, feels amazing to finally have visible toes hahahah
  4. thank you so much for the love and support guys! oko keep going man youve got this! keyiriz, youve got this bro, 2014 is our year man
  5. Hey guys, just thought i'd share my progress with you all, im currently 17 years old, and have been into working out now for 2 years exactly on the 10th of jan, i started off at 160kg, (not sure what that is in pounds) and am now currently 100kg! the one with me in the bag is me at my heaviest 160kilos and the other one is me at 100kg ) hope i can inspire you all to realize that greatness lives in all of us, "we're all gonna make it brah" - Zyzz
  6. hahaha, bro a few things have been happening, the bot will kill an al kharid warrior attempt to pick up the herb, but just end up spamm clicking for minutes on end and also, if the camera isnt lowered and the roof is visible it glitches and spam clicks on top of the roof is this an error perhaps in my games settings or something? its really frustrating thanks in advance!
  7. oh wow that is so cool, just recently bought the script and am absolutely loving it that awkward moment when the bots more efficient than i am hahahah, good work bro!
  8. hey bro, just a question the clicking is SUPER quick, isnt that a dead give away that its a bot? just curious
  9. purchased another 7 credits, fast quick and smooth thanks man
  10. bought 9 credits! fast, smooth, awesome! thanks bro