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  1. It just stops working sometimes. like I always leave it overnight and I wake up in the morning with like 500k profit and a bunch of items in my inventory that haven't been sold yet, and a bunch of items that are bought but not collected from GE. just not sure. and it just keeps repeating that the items I have reached their GE limit, and I test it right after and none of the items are ever on their GE limit
  2. Also I stopped script and closed tribot so I lost the debug, but it was pcing an item, and the buy price was 12,456 and the sell price was 126,870. so it messed up my profit/hour etc. Not sure how this happened I was afk :/ sorry I cant provide any more info. just trying to help as much as possible. also when you save and load a profile, the buy and sell prices aren't -1, they are set to the last buy and sell price that the bot price checked, and obviously it would be much more convenient if you can have them set to -1 when I load my profile like it was originally set.
  3. Worked perfectly for an hour with 3 items, but then I added 3 more and it worked fine for an additional 30 minutes and then it crashed. not sure why :/
  4. May be interested, pm me.
  5. Hi there, you said you were going to add Jatizso support a week ago, but probably forgot. The account info I pm'ed you is still the same.
  6. Sometimes the bot gets into a stake and doesnt realize its in a stake and doesn't do anything. It just pokes dds because of auto retaliate with cursor on the minimap. Why is this?
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