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  1. Hacks, idk xD. mainly automating skills and stuff. eg. Insec someone while holding one Key.
  2. edit: not a fan of this bot, moved.
  3. hey druid im not sure but i randomly find it in the bottom level of lumbridge (the cellar). i also noticed all the other bots chopping with me were missing too. just thought i might add that.
  4. hi mate hope you have fun on the fourms.
  5. i need a working interface explorer JJ's and Mute's are not working for me. Need it to cast spells.
  6. is this not working anymore?
  7. add me on skype and we can talk : im online btw.
  8. to use different proxies.
  9. im fairly sure you cannot advertise your stuff in the general section.
  10. all scripts on this forum are CHECKED and CHECKED and they need to be approved before they are released to the public. if there was any malicious code it would be denied. Your pc had a virus, that guy benefited quite a lot from your hacking. This was NOT tribots fault.