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  1. hey tri, itsays it supports cannon multi but i when i set up cannon east rock crabs in relleka it just sits there and loads cannon? does it actually walk to get aggro from all the crabs for cannon to attack it? or does it just sit there until someone else activates the rock crabs? hmm..
  2. Bloody great script. Cheers man. Helping me out alot ingame and IRL lol my gf would love me now i can chillax with her alot more than grinding tryna get levels and money just beautiful !
  3. This script is bloody awesome! almost 99 strength. Hopefully you can fix this soon ! Happy waiting for botting guys haha don't stress! feel free to manually level it up while it's down. Would add to anti ban i think haha
  4. is it safe to use this script atm? I'm might do a bot farm with like 15 accs. Should i get proxies for all of them? how long should i run this bot for? Is this easily detected?
  5. ahh.. i think i might be interested... is this still good guys?