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  1. thanks for letting me know so quickly, works after I simply restarted tribot client.
  2. Fally course didnt work. Error: Negative file size for archive 6. and bunch of numbers-
  3. Hello, I been testing your Runecrafting script. Methods I used Abbys Nature rune crafting. /w stam pots /normal glory tele. The script in overall its pretty flawless but can change couple of thing, for example: When you tele to edge and start walking to the bank almost every time; would be kool if we could just run right away to the bank without spotting at that same spot almost every time.
  4. Nice man
  5. Your ip is flagged change it better playing on another account.
  6. Well... the premium rock crabs script worked for me.
  7. Would be a nice position to get,
  8. lol wtf
  9. It depends where you void and if you have monkey madness done.
  10. He was banned for other scams.
  11. dam 150$ for a name change holy
  12. yea get yourself a vpn/proxies or change your ip.
  13. If your dynamic you can just reset your router if you static it's more complicated then that and sometimes impossible so check guides on google how to change static ip's if your not dynamic.
  14. yea jagex has been doing work these couple of weeks.