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  1. Does this bot do progressive leveling?
  2. What kind of break timers where you running to get to 99 agility? or did you just handle that manually?
  3. 80+ range 70+ defence 43+ prayer = 6.5M 80+ range 40+ defence 43+ prayer = 6M Is that correct? you have to pay 500k more if you have a higher defence?
  4. What's everyone breaking like? I'm doing these but it may be a bit over the top
  5. Does the same even when not using LG, and even if I have the Skip using points enabled it just runs to Turael for some reason and tries to skip that way? What is your issue?: Won't equip leaf bladed spear if you have a dragon defender in your shield slot What happened exactly?: was on a turoth task and it just kept unequiping the spear then putting the defender on, then it would just fist the turoths to death What task were you on?: Turoth What was the status on the paint?: It was fighting a turoth so I assume attacking? Who is your slayer master?: Chaeldar Bot debug?: Nothing important Client debug?: Nothing important
  6. Happens to me all the time, Just PM'd him about it.
  7. Also any way you could add an option to not bank as soon as I run out of prayer potions, like use all the food in my inventory after the prayer pots then bank.
  8. Anyone got a list of all the tasks I should skip and all the tasks I should pray on?
  9. As I said above It wouldn't just be me paying that if the script is up to scratch, heck I'd probably drop 20$ every two weeks if it was perfect, there must be some way to replicate how players do farming currently (Like doing things in betweek like theiving and such), but alas I'm not a scripter so I've got no clue what I'm talking about.
  10. I'm sure there'd be more than just me willing to pay that, there's literally 0 working farming scripts, I'd pay higher if need be, but It wouldn't be just me using it, I'm not looking for a script to be made just for me but for the whole site, just a suggestion.
  11. I'm after a good quality farming script, good choice of plots, will do things while waiting for crops to grow like theiving/fishing/whatever, can detect when a crop has died/diseased. I'd easily pay 20$ every twp weeks (AT LEAST) for a script like this, there's currently none on the market since the only other premium script set it's price to 123$ and abandoned it. Request: - A premium farming script Description: - Farm plots, do things in-between, have a good selection Payment Amount: - Completely up to the scripter as it would be premium (I'd say 20$ every two weeks) Time: - Whenever they want since it's just a suggestion
  12. Fucking hell really? I asked my mates if I could use noted potions and he called me retarded for asking such a question.
  13. I've checked all the herblore scripts and have been unable to find a decanter on any.
  14. Can't seem to find one on the forums/repo so I'm asking here, Need a script that will take any potions in my bank that I choose (Like an Item ID or something), then run to the guy in the GE to decant them, bank and repeat. I've got about 20k potions that need doing and a script would really help :x.
  15. Any news on this script? Could really use something like it since I've got 20k Potions to decant.