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  1. Personally I do not have a problem with slaves dieing, only the combat random shits on the master
  2. Talking about randoms. Just got one. Lost 7k nat runes and 5k ess. It said "We failed to solve combat random". Spawned in with 2 pure essence's. Can you please fix it? Going to try to get profit by running it overnight. I went -4mil in few days.
  3. Woke up today and the master had no essence (had 40k) neither money (400k). Probably failed combat random or something. Plus I lost all the items (Glory , obby cape.) Idk how it would be possible if I should've kept 3 items.
  4. I was using texan's for an hour. Worked for me, idk why it's not working for you. Didn't notice any other monk scripts.
  5. And don't buy it back? Because it's supposed to be 25 noted ess and 200 coins trade. Then they go , sell the ess to the shop, buy it back and run to the master, etc etc.
  6. Was running fine for 2 hours, but then one slave logged out, so it left me with 1 master 2 slaves. I'd say this isn't bad. Definitely getting one more auth soon. I'd recommend you buying proxies and doing it with all seperate clients, or if as you stated you want it on 1 ip, you click the "+" button on the top left hand corner. And it opens new instance.
  7. That happened to me when I was leveling my RC up to 44. I had to play as a master role manually(The slaves were running fine). I don't know if it's because of the rs update or something like that.
  8. There's no way anyone could guarantee that. They may be lower, but there's chance that jagex will look who the bot that he cought traded with and ban your master.
  9. Yes you can manually run the "Master". That's what Im doing. Currently running 4 slaves with one auth and doing the master role manually. Getting around 400k/h
  10. Why don't you add someone from selling topics that has feedback and is known and buy from him? Instead of posting it here and baiting scammers.
  11. TurboSub

    90-99 WC

    Best of luck. That'll be hard
  12. So I was trying to buy credits and I saw that you only accept paypal and Google wallet. First : Some people may not have google wallet and yes, its not that hard to create, but why bother, when you can enter your card details into stripe and don't worry about creating additional stuff. Second - For example I heard in Germany people can't use paypal. So that maybe a problem. I created paypal long time ago and it was limited right after I made my first £5 payment. I have no intention of sending them my address proof (Some document that is from bank), neither to scan my passport and send it to them. Stripe is the way to go.
  13. Against it. It would ruin the economy. + I don't mind working a bit to buy something or sell something. And no I don't use Merchant bot.
  14. I swear down I've seen you on some LoL streams before on twitch. Am I right? Your name is so familiar.
  15. I'm thinking about buying this. Would you think having 2 masters 2 slaves is better then having 1 master 3 slaves?
  16. It does get unstuck. I don't even know why it ends the script there. It's just sitting with full inventory of flax next to the spinner. I re-run it and it runs smoothly again.
  17. For example USA's flax spinner, sometimes just stops in second floor at lumbridge, so I have to re-run it through the bot panel or through my laptop. I don't see why you wouldn't want the feature, it won't hurt you. As I said if you don't want to use it untick the box. I believe it doesn't take that long to make that function, so it won't hurt the staff neither. I get yours and arckos point's. But someone may experience the same issue I have.
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