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  1. If I had 0 defenders (not even a bronze one) and told the bot to loot rune defenders in the GUI, will it simply keep going till it gets to rune defenders?
  2. My main just got banned, and I made a beautiful video about it!
  3. Not sure why, but when fighting at Yaks the bot runs through the gate sometimes and wants to go into a building that's locked?
  4. No DBA support? No offence, but that makes this one even worse than the free one
  5. Seriously, how does this help anyone? Doesn't get much more plain that this.. What is your view on proxies? Goldfarming 30+ accounts, what are you botting? How can you goldfarm on 30+ accounts if you can't use popular spots? How much time do you spend on setting up accounts? Do anti-ban features actually work in scripts?
  6. When will this update come out? I was getting random errors with the lite version, so I couldn't bot longer than around 12 hours with that one, is this one flawless? Cheers.
  7. Stops after random time. Throws an error. Sometimes after 3 hours, sometimes after 13 hours..
  8. Where would one get proxy's, how much do they cost, etc.?
  9. Nice. How detectable is the RS3 Tribot client in comparison to other clients (e.g. PB, RiD)?
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