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  1. Davey_Rs


    Tournament world buddy.
  2. If he graduated with a degree in some form of programming/software development he should be able to pick up Java quite easily. Ask him if he has done any work in C. If he has, Java will be a breeze. Good luck
  3. Frog, send me a PM of your desired location and I'll make it for you. Or Skype me: Davey_Rs Due to the popular demand I'll be working on the climbing boots buyer and release it on the repository as a free script. Expect ABCL10/2 compliance and options for banking/teleporting. Depending on how much time I have it should be done by the end of the weekend.
  4. Davey_Rs

    Thanks Jagex

    I ran two identical accounts side by side in the same location. One with LG and one without. Same world obviously. After 11 hours the non-LG was permanently banned. LG one is still chopping.
  5. Run a chicken killing script for 10+ hours just using BIS melee item for your level.
  6. Will definitely give it a shot and then post it up on the Repository. I'm taking care of the smaller, less intensive requests first and then moving on to the more advanced ones.
  7. What's going on guys. In my current semester at school I don't have any programming classes to take up my time. I have recently quit playing runescape and have decided to keep my java skills back in order by writing Tribot scripts. I've been using Tribot since OSRS has come out and was one of the first few to reach 99 Hunter in the game, thanks to the community and I would like to give back. I'm taking requests for custom scripts, you tell me what you need automated in Runescape and I can build it for you. I'd like to eventually make a name for myself and contribute to the premium script section on the forums. So for now, you guys will be helping me by giving me experience in writing different types of bots and allowing me to gain some momentum in the community. In return, you will be able to have your very own one-off scripts! Post in this thread or add me on skype! Skype: Davey_Rs 11 Hr Proggy of my Willow Chopper provided.
  8. Definitely going to start implementing this into my personal scripts. Amazing work.
  9. I have a simple trough one working. I doubt anyone would want it though, just made it for fun.
  10. Davey_Rs

    Whats up!

    Thank you all for the kind welcomes!
  11. Davey_Rs

    Whats up!

    Hey guys! Been a botter and scripter since the SCAR days.. If anyone remembers those. I've played RS since 04 on and off. In this semester of college I have no programming classes and decided I'd keep my java skills in check by writing scripts for Tribot. Wrote a powerchopping script with ABCL10 to get familiar with the API today and take advantage of the weekend of botting on a f2p account with a mediocre script/testing. Looking forward to being active instead lurking like I've done for the past few years! I also love cars, building and racing them. Would love to hear from any other gearheads on the forums!
  12. Bud nowhere am I complaining, I'm just giving a heads up. I've been botting and scripting since the Scar era and this is my first time ever getting banned.
  13. Bought this script last night and put it to work right away. I have a pure account that was created many days ago, and has had other stats trained completely legitimately. Went from 1-20 myself, and did 20-40 drop-flyfishing. Took a break and then leveled some stats myself, got 10 in a few random ones. Then I set the bot to break every 2 hours, for 30 minutes and let it run overnight. Woke up with the bot still going and plenty of fish in my bank, with level 54 fishing. Was in-part satisfied, but was a little unimpressed with the walk handler, and reaction timing. Very bot-like, with anti-ban settings and the works all set. Logged off and drove to work, which is roughly an hour and a half. Got to work, ready to put the bot on while I worked the day away, and was greeted with a perma-ban. Not saying that I didn't account for this risk, luckily my main wasn't banned. But I would like to make the script author aware that it is failing for some people, maybe I got unlucky and got a manual macroing ban. I was on a quiet german world. I took about a year break from any sort of botting and recently got cleaned staking so I decided to make cash back the easy way. Guess it didn't work out in my favor. Regardless, stay safe botting folks.
  14. Alright, this is what i think really happened...
  15. Very nice man, thanks a lot for trying to develop a farming script. Probably one of the hardest skill bots to develop. If you need anything, supplies or testing, I'm your guy!
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