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  1. . . Don't bot = Longevity. ~ Feels like a game of chance to me. . the there's so little correlation in my personal "ban history" regarding "longevity" or anything that will prolong it. This year alone probably nearing 60-70 bans including rwt bans which hurt a bit more than regular bans.
  2. A Couple of guys I know as well as myself have been hit with several RWT bans. . this happening for anyone as well?
  3. Odd another rwt ban. . . Another of my mule just got nuked. One Acc only drop traded the other did half half always put up junk neither of which has directly sold gold or bought gold from a seller. No Real world items were ever exchanged for RS items with either accounts . . . which I think is reasonable enough for an appeal no?
  4. Will pay Skrill/Paypal/RS07 - need quotas~. Please pm me Skype if interested. - Not a super complicated script; simple in design. Can be complicated based on how many of my expected features can be implemented. - I have a flexible budget. The more features that I require implemented the more I will be willing to pay. Quality is key, and I will not low-ball if quality is ensured. details will be discussed privately via Skype for obvious reasons.
  5. Does anyone successfully use TriBot to bot RS3 here? https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/180-discussion/ How does JAGEX now detect these bots? http://bit.ly/1g0uLwZ You're new here but not to botting. . . ~ Jagex detects "bots wherever you're from" and "Tribot Bots" more or less the same. I doubt there's a specialized anti-Ban for Tribot, and a specialized for WhereverBot. By using the big search button located on the top right of Tribot Forums/ Google/ and looking to appropriate subforum sections, you will find answers much quicker than creating a generic thread.
  6. You recommend a multi-mule method? ~ though a little less cost efficent; a bit more micro management. Segregating funds on multiple mules may be beneficial in the long run?
  7. Great Idea ~ I'll test sometime tomorrow~ Poll for a good decent amount of time: and the highest product of(amount $$ people will pay)x(the # of voters for the $$ amount) will maximize profit and reduce low ballers; maximizing script's relative worth
  8. Either A) It's a good spot since no one goes. It's a bad spot because all that went instant banned. Make a few accounts; ship them over there n check it out =)
  9. agility. cooking. construction. crafting.
  10. meh~how much was on your main? “asset wise”。  I lost like 10 acc + Gold Mule probably like well over 1bil. ~oh well time to make more.. ._. . .
  11. been over half a year since previous update! Post more ! We want more taste of the farm
  12. not immediately.~ but they always get banned; eventually; even on different IPs. Oh~ and a gold mule with a rather large stock got hit as well~
  13. For what it's worth; this account has never bought/sold gold. . . Just stored a lot of it. Does this ever happen to you guys? Never on a botted IP
  14. hmm. Tabbing seemed to lag more for me. . On that note; if you tab you should increase the Max Heap Size(Memory allocation) accordingly with 256*#of clients yes?