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  1. In order for first time VPS buyers to receive the 7 free days (30+7=37 days total), you would need to like this thread, leave a positive review on this thread, and leave me a positive feedback after your purchase. Accepting OS GP ($0.7/m), Skrill, Crypto (coinbase), PayPal (friends/family/gift), Venmo prices are for 30 days Discord: ash#2176 Skype: dboltertemp
  2. Took a decent break from programming and wanting to get back into it. I found this code and was wondering how it can be improved (I think I need to separate them into different classes?). Thanks in advance. Also any video recommendations about Java and/or Web Programming would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thank you, I asked because there are no flawless splashers on the SDN. Gl on your script writer app btw.
  4. can you add smoke staff support to it as well?
  5. D Bolter

    Request for Refund on OSRS Dax Hunter

    If you want a refund for that script, you should probably post it in the right section here: https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/
  6. ive had my lifetime scripts deactivated aswell..
  7. hey, i bought this script(and your metal drag killer) a while back and i've had it on my repository(basic one that didn't expire) for a while now, however its not on there anymore. how do we go about this..? @Zainy
  8. thanks! it only works if you left click the top left corner of the chat box, just a heads up!
  9. thanks! dumb question but how do i unhide my paint?
  10. update: great script i started with no defenders but once it got to rune and went down to the basement, it couldn't open the door because it didn't talk to the person and logged out, just thought I'd let you know