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  1. Hello guys, @kukkelson I am just wondering how long per day do you run those accounts? Are you using LG? Thanks, Best regards
  2. Never heard of that So that means: Monday = Making accounts, then 6x BOT, repeat the process once again? Or is it high chance of ban during the week aswell? Well first trade was done with one of those bots (6h/d) a trade was less then 30k gp worth After that for collecting chins different account was used which was never boted, and not baned. What do you mean smarter way to bot? Botting chins or you meant to bot something else because banrate on chins is crazy?
  3. Hello guys, First of all i am not crying because of bans... i knew bans are more then expected those days but I am wondering what could possibly get all 5 accounts baned in the same minute... Some information about whole process of botting: every acc had it's own proxy, also they were not on same computer but they had 2 different hardware ids but without LG 1 acc made 5 days ago 4 accs made 3 days ago 2 of 3 days old accounts were suicide botting 24/7. other 3 were botting 6 hours with breaks. All accounts were botted with daxhunter (so obviously it is not a script's fault) They had different patterns... some were on grey chins, some on red etc. Only 1 trade was done on each acc ( giving them bird traps, and box traps - less then 30k gp worth trade). Does anyone have any ideas what could possible link them to be baned right in the same minute? Discuss please Best regards
  4. Hello fellow botters How is banrate these days? Any of u suicide bot (24/7) if yes how long does average account last for? What about the others with breaks and "smart" botting? How long does your account manages to survive in such a wild area? (please clarify how long per day you bot aswell). Thanks in advance Best regards
  5. aint buying that from a guy who bots 1 acc few hours a day.... I am botting over 50 accs and i can tell you that molly and frog randoms are broken for quite a while now. Heard that trillez left his job and took tribot as full time job, still everything remains the same and randoms are still not fixed (how hard could it be to change few ID's?)
  6. Not only you, getting the same, even watched video if there was something else to do.
  7. Guess nobody said before that he is the only one that has access to the client so how should we know that? I think being so sceptic about other staff (like you) isnt really good because the development of client is extremely slow. I think you should really get access to the client because i think you are the most active scripter/staff around and also were the only one actually putting effort into development of randoms.
  8. SUPPORT 1 month passed by, they got every possible ID in the thread for helping with randoms (not once but even more times) and still zero progress. Not to mention that client just freeze from time to time and you need to kill java in the processes list (happening every few hours), all this shit is getting really annoying. We are paying for something half done even tho its on 5 dollars a month but still. If you make something that needs to be payed for usage, everyone would expect it flawless or atleast to see some progress on it. Besides that we also get 0,000 information about actual client development and updates. Can it get any worse? I bet if any new clients come out soon this bot will be back on old track (0 people actually using it) So Staff please, just try to act professional, i know you are young and its hard but still atleast give us some information about development and progress with randoms.
  9. idk what is happening there... They requested ID's for random, they got all of them but still after 1 week no random solvers are working... If bat or Trilez would just take 30 minutes of their time they would be all already working 1 week ago... but guess that's not happening. In my opinion those randoms will never work.
  10. I would pay 4M for it if it actually works flawlessly
  11. Errors I've seen so far: - When you get the Pinball random, the bot thinks its the 'Mysteryous Old Man' random which you have to speak to only, causing the bot to be stuck at the Pinball random. - The Strange plant (sometimes it only picks if its yours, if someone else gets it, script stops). - When you get the Frog random, after clicking that you agree to kiss, it tries doing the random from start, bot gets stuck.
  12. script isnt runing from combat (which is kinda annoying since you die every 30-60 mins or so), you should fix that. But everything else is flawless