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  1. When I hit start plundering the bot does not start?
  2. i3lind


    funny you can still bank over 70 bars an hour which is 280k alone and that's at 80 ranged +2
  3. Buying NMZ magic script for casting / luring, I assume someone will have this as a private script please let me know.. thanks
  4. i3lind


    The avansies in god wars dungeon are still good, at 80 ranged I am averaging ~70 bars an hour using wCombat. People believe it sucks now because the adamant bars are no longer noted as they once were. Tribot is lacking good range money making methods and this would be a great start. You could also pray these and make a good profit on a pure. I average ~23k ranged experience per hour while banking (83 ranged), I use the edgar's ruse trollhiem teleport. The issue i'm having with my wCombat script is that it gets stuck on objects because you have a chance to fail the agility shortcut, while walking down the mountain path from troll teleport. Requirement's: Edgar's ruse 70+ Ranged Armadyl Item Zamorak Item Saradomin Item Drop's: Ranarr Adamant Bar Rune Dagger (p) Nature runes You can also mage them, this a good project for someone to take on and would easily be a decent selling premium script. With the proper setup, and higher ranging level's im sure almost 400k an hour is possible. Adamant bars are around 4k each
  5. It does not flick piety with the latest rs update it hovers the prayer toggle
  6. Please add sgs special and zamorakian hasta piety flicking support please
  7. Had a few questions for future usage and updates for the bot? 1) Will there be cannon support? 2) Can we have access to the "junk" loot table? A way to edit items to drop on accidental pick up would be great, ie: low level herbs 3) Is there an emergency fail safe teleport? Or will it just run the bank path on low health / no food? 4) I'm having issues with bolts, I can get the bot to loot the bolts but they will not equip even with ranged selected. 5) Fail safe ability for dynamic objects? (I can fail objects but the bot will continue on the path which leads to a stuck, is it possible to make the logic to re-try a failed object, for example maybe if after sleep and bot is not at a certain tile it will re-try the object? Or maybe a bank path timer (If you do not get to the end of the path after "X" second script will re-run bank path or just log out 6) Alching support with alching loot list 7) Advanced potion support, able to set a -x then pot. The logic script will not drink my potions in till about +3 - +4 of current level. 8) Better looting system, the mouse speed slows completely down vs the speed when it is attacking a new monster, or following a logic path 9) Looting detection, when some items are piled on each other for example at spectre's when 2-3 herbs drop it will loot multiple ones on top of the original. 10) When inventory is full and bot has food to eat and tries to eat for more inventory space, after the first eat and pick up - it will randomly right click on the item you just picked up and glitch out 11) Ability to use ranged attack prayer, 44 (Hawk eye). Also lower prayer flicking 31 (Ultimate strength) 12) Anti-fire potion update, it does not work some times i'm not sure if its timer based or chat based it seems as if its on a timer and does not detect the chat text 13) Would it be possible to get an overall data tracker for the bots usage with like money made, hours running, monsters killed etc? 14) Advanced gold per hour calculator, the ability to deduct based on the supplies used (pray potion's, boosting potions, food, etc) for more accurate gold per hour.
  8. When you are working on a profile, can you save multiple times under new profiles? I'm trying to modify and edit banking paths, loot ids, and constantly adding on new information for the script to run. It works but then after a few it will no longer save, and it seems as if the file gets corrupted? What is the best way to go about this?
  9. I have put the ID for dds, and the to 25% but I have yet to see it spec? Also what is the best option for training - 10% strength pray? Or just leave protect from melee on? Thank's just bought the script
  10. Amount to buy: 20m Payment Method: paypal Skype User? hillieraaron1 Will you leave feedback? yes
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