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  1. Hi guys, Tried to purchase VIP through paypal, but still had my VPN enabled... Now i get this error: Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. So i turned it off my VPN and still can't purchase VIP so i'm kind of stuck. Anyone that can help? Thanks, Huccii
  2. Even if i received a ban in the past? And yes I will be looking into LG tomorrow. I won't be botting during jagex office hours so I should be safe, right? I'm just looking for a lil confirmation
  3. How is the banrate is this script? My account has been banned once for 48 hours for doing a premium slayer bot. I really can't be bothered to do combat myself.. Is it safe to use this even though it has a prior ban? I would use it for about 8 hours a day with guthans
  4. Cannon support is broken, isn't it? It takes 2 parts of the cannon out of my bank and my cannonballs. Then it just banks the parts and the cannonballs again
  5. Alright, my main account got banned. Had a previous 2 day ban on it from last year so that might've been the issue. Running it on an 10 year old account now, didn't even had any stats on OSRS. I'm almost 80 now within 2 days. I think it actually has to do with the fact that the account is so old that it hasn't been banned yet i guess..
  6. It doesn't work for me when i try to do black chins. it just chills at the bank and doesn't do anything. It Just says 'need to bank for traps and 'we do not have a glory'. And it's just chilling there. I have all these items. Any help? Thanks in advance! PS I've used this bot months ago and it was absolutely brilliant, just need to get it to work again
  7. Thanks a lot man, figured it out a few minutes ago. Seems like a really good script, nice work!!
  8. I might just be really dumb, but I can't figure out how to edit the armor in GUI? I ticked the boxes but i can't edit anything, first time using the script.
  9. Hi guys, So i've returned to Runescape and I want to use your fine bots again. The problem is that this account still has the fraudulent flag on it from atleast a year ago. It's annoying since my only payment option is paypal. I do not own a credit card because in the netherlands it is not really a normal thing to have, we have debit cards. I think I have this problem because I tried to purchase credits while my VPN was still active a long time ago. I moved houses now as well so i don't know if that's an issue too. I had to purchase credits through the forums yesterday with RSGP, and i'd rather not spend my ingame funds. Is there a way to finally remove this flag? I've been registered this website for atleast 3 years and I want to continue to use your services the way it should. Thanks in Advance, Huccii
  10. For some reason birds don't work for me anymore, it keeps saying this. Status: to chins. Doesn't do anything
  11. Sorry for the late response. No, i haven't used any breaks at all haha....
  12. Achieved 99 hunter yesterday and still going strong. reached the top 1000 now lol. Thanks a lot!
  13. They were in numerical order for me.. and yes it kept on switching worlds without logging in. I has been working perfect until now and i haven't modified anything. Still very satisfied with the script though, just a minor hiccup
  14. I am SO satisfied with your black chin bot, i'm going to purchase this one as soon as i get home from work. You da man!
  15. cant seem to start bot anymore... after i accept the screen with what i wanna catch etc it doesnt load up the paint and just stands there doing nothing haha EDIT: funny thing is that this only appears for windows, because it works just fine on my macbook.
  16. @TRiLeZ, can you answer please?
  17. @Flamo353 if you could help me out that'd be great
  18. @Flamo353. I'm not behind any VPN. I am using google chrome and i've bought credits in the past on this same IP. not sure why this problem persists
  19. Got to love this script man, got me from 1 unter to 71 within a day!! Here's my after work proggy. http://gyazo.com/2e518ac30347214ec42081ce5c1a4750
  20. I have this annoying glitch where my character runs to the west portal, but when the east portal opens first it keeps opening and closing the gate on the west side. So my character keeps going back and forth.
  21. Just got banned for 24 hours for using this... Got me banned only 10-12 hours after i bought this lol. My breaks were really random so i really wonder what got me banned. Anyways, won't be botting anymore on that account.
  22. If you die, is it a required to have another set of that armor? For instance: I die using rune platebody/platelegs, dragon shield and whip. I do have some more shields banked but only 1 platelegs/body and whip. Does it re-equip them from the inventory?