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  1. Are you wanted a whole website to be made, or is it the tool only. If you want the tool only, contact me.
  2. bump
  3. PM me with more information on this.
  4. Can be done for 4M, Pm me you skype.
  5. Madbad Questing Service: I offer free and paid quests, depending on which quests need completing. I also offer guaranteed work, this can be like the following scenario: x amount of quests completed in "1day" or your half your money back" I won't list my prices here, but a little insight of what packages are available: Barrow gloves started from just 50M Leave a comment with your skype or PM me with what quests you need doing.
  6. 500K each, shoot me a PM with your skype. I do not bot quests.
  7. I'll be able to do this for 10M in 1day or half your money back if longer., shoot me a PM
  8. Script is now fully functionable, thanks for the quick support.
  9. Upon starting the script i have my armour/wep equipped already... The first thing the script does is check the blowpipe which im using, and upon checking it, it has 40%+ charge and 8000 darts. But then it suddenly ends the script? saying i need to make sure the blowpipe is charged?
  10. Do you have skype, so i can contact you? Need some assistance for once
  11. Everyone has their opinions here are mine: 1. Erickho 2. Daxmagex 3. Tri top 3 that i had most success with.
  12. need someone to code me a bot which does the following: refill the cannon after a range of cannon balls run out with randomness the that range (1click on cannon) aswell as that, i need some sort of antiban move camera around, check whos online etc... very simple script A premium Scripter has quoted 30$.
  13. Not at all, hasnt been a problem for me, i start the bot at canafis bank and most of the time when it gets to cave no1s there... ive only hopped worlds once from 60-85 str
  14. PM me done within the hour or two.
  15. Im botting with Looking Glass, and tribot client, how does firefox fit into it?