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  1. Upon starting the script i have my armour/wep equipped already... The first thing the script does is check the blowpipe which im using, and upon checking it, it has 40%+ charge and 8000 darts. But then it suddenly ends the script? saying i need to make sure the blowpipe is charged?
  2. Do you have skype, so i can contact you? Need some assistance for once
  3. Madbad123

    Who are the top 5 coders on tribot

    Everyone has their opinions here are mine: 1. Erickho 2. Daxmagex 3. Tri top 3 that i had most success with.
  4. Madbad123

    Simple Script Request

    need someone to code me a bot which does the following: refill the cannon after a range of cannon balls run out with randomness the that range (1click on cannon) aswell as that, i need some sort of antiban move camera around, check whos online etc... very simple script A premium Scripter has quoted 30$.
  5. Not at all, hasnt been a problem for me, i start the bot at canafis bank and most of the time when it gets to cave no1s there... ive only hopped worlds once from 60-85 str
  6. Madbad123

    Bot not Logging in

    Im botting with Looking Glass, and tribot client, how does firefox fit into it?
  7. Madbad123

    Bot not Logging in

    Oh wow, been a problem for months, cant anyone find a way to get the bot to click on existing user? Must be a big problem man
  8. Madbad123

    Bot not Logging in

    I am
  9. Madbad123

    Bot not Logging in

    Ok, so I've used TRiBot for lets day 1-2years? So im not a newbie to how the client works, I've set up my account perfectly and the script isn't the issue by the looks of it. Everytime I log out, or after a break the client will attempt to "log in" but will fail as it won't even take the first step of even pressing Existing user... Even tho the script is irrelevant I think, ill still list it: Tri Experiments.
  10. heres another proggy for today, tracking the xp and what i was training got bugged, idk why...