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  1. It's because you're trying to reflect a 32-bit process in a 64-bit process. Install the x86 version of JDK
  2. @Worthy, when you get a chance, check your PMs please.
  3. Could you post a video of this in action? Like the idea!
  4. Sorry about that. Web pages load through all browsers, however when loading the runescape client through the tribot client it errors out You don't need to be VIP to run paid scripts
  5. seems i cannot run scripts on tribot when connected to any of my vpn servers, following the lastest update 9.104_6
  6. Bot freezes while selling games, after the first trade screen is accepted the client freezes completely. Not sure whether or not it's a client or script issue. Trilez claims to have had fixed it however it's still persistent
  7. Description of the bug (be specific): When in the trading screen, after the first trade screen has been accepted, the second trade screen causes the client to freeze, however the memory usage seems to be fairly the same as it would while it's operating normally How often the bug occurs: Every time Triggers of the bug (if known): Java version: jre7.1.0_51-b13 TRiBot client version: 9.104_3 Operating System: w7 basic Script Name: texan nmz TRiBot Old-School or RS3: osrs Client Debug: doesnt print anything in particular, other than the players name its trading, every second Bot Debug: doesnt print anything
  8. When selling a game, my client seems to freeze, how about anyone else?
  9. yo tri the bot has been seeming like its spazzing or somethin, i cant really determine the cause, but maybe you could look into it. the mouse cursor will spazz out in diagonal patterns and right click, maybe its part of the antiban or somethin idk also tri, could you add a check if the npc is in combat to run back to the default positions, sometimes when ur far away and click to attack it and someone is near it and attacks it it will run all the way to it until it sees the someone else is fighting that message, and stands there until it finds another one to attack also (lol sorry), could you make it so that every now and then it right clicks the npc to select the attack option?
  10. Pls stop smoke i cant stop the loling irling
  11. Still not working after 9.11_1, @Tri experiment killer, seems to get stuck walking when minimap needs to load new region.