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  1. Is it possible to add fly fishing at lumbridge by the goblins with banking? Barbarian village is suicide in deadman lol.
  2. I can't get fishing to work right he will constantly click the spot,i cant figure it out.
  3. Thanks guys, I will try out the script maker and see what I can come up with!
  4. That one does indeed fish them there, but does not bank. I would just roll out to Barbarian Village, but I am playing deadman mode and that place is a death trap. Thank you for the suggestion though.
  5. I've tried most of them and haven't found one that can do it, anyone know which will?
  6. hey man its been working for days and all of sudden im having problems with it. it wont start and its saying this [05:44:33] Downloading script 'Ultimate Green Dragons'.[05:44:36] Script Started: Ultimate Green Dragons.[05:44:37] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class java.util.prefs.Preferences[05:44:37] at scripts.UltimateGDK.run(UltimateGDK.java:214)[05:44:37] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[05:44:38] Script Ended: Ultimate Green Dragons.
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