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  1. Do you recommend starting this with a certain combat level ?
  2. still have any left


  3. Hey is there any way in the future you can add support for the bot to trade the items like chins to a separate mule account?
  4. psmodder

    Stuck in fullscreen mode?

    worked thank you
  5. psmodder

    Stuck in fullscreen mode?

    i tried that and changed those setting from a different client and nothing changed. Its not even letting me get to the login screen let alone setting on my account from the tribot client
  6. psmodder

    Stuck in fullscreen mode?

    I have tried playing around with the setting but no luck, it doesnt even let me reach or scroll to the right to change the settings options. any advice?? if i need be i could also reset the bot entirely but im not sure how to do that. photo http://icecream.me/574afe9b7f3ebdec3018243047eae53a
  7. Im loving the script so far!!!. i haev one request. could you add an option wear it clicks and walked around your set traps every now and then once u place it. i feel like when i actually play i do that. other then that im enjoying the script Thank you so much for making this script
  8. Mine Still doesn't work at all :/ it only sells the first item in the list
  9. i have same problem, just click the bottom middle of the gui, it should start up, if not just randomly click near the bottom lol
  10. ok here are my new stats, 60 att, 80 str/ 42 def, should i get this bot or will i not make money
  11. i want to get this, would you consider these stats worth it 40 attack/ 80str/ 42 def if not what should i get my stats up to