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  1. Hello i am selling 5x tribot credits for 1m 07 each, message me on skype if interested. Skype: Skiller
  2. Hello i am looking to buy up to 5 twitch codes for RS. I am willing to pay 1.3M 07 for each code. please message me on skype: skiller
  3. I am looking to buy twitch 1 month membership codes for 1.1m each osrs. if interested please message me on skype, skype name: skiller
  4. still have any left


  5. I tried it this mornign before the update and this happened but i suppose thats why its not working now. I also didnt realize tribot was down becaue i havent had a proxy to bot on
  6. ah i did not realize, i havent been botting cause i havent had a proxy lol. but i also tried this morning very early so i think it was before the rs update
  7. hey i have bought 1 proxy in the past but now when i try to do it it wont let me past the "order being processes, please wait 1-5 mins" i have tried on two accounts and same thing. when i try to start a new one it tells me that there is a trade with that username already
  8. Hey is there any way in the future you can add support for the bot to trade the items like chins to a separate mule account?
  9. i tried that and changed those setting from a different client and nothing changed. Its not even letting me get to the login screen let alone setting on my account from the tribot client
  10. I have tried playing around with the setting but no luck, it doesnt even let me reach or scroll to the right to change the settings options. any advice?? if i need be i could also reset the bot entirely but im not sure how to do that. photo http://icecream.me/574afe9b7f3ebdec3018243047eae53a
  11. Im loving the script so far!!!. i haev one request. could you add an option wear it clicks and walked around your set traps every now and then once u place it. i feel like when i actually play i do that. other then that im enjoying the script Thank you so much for making this script
  12. Great seller!!!! this is my second time purchasing credits and both times were extremely quick. i highly recommend purchasing credits from him!!!! and thanks again
  13. I highly recommend this seller!!!. He responded within 3 minutes and the trade was done within 5 minutes. I highly recommend this sseller for selling tribots credits!!!
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