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  1. Ill buy mith gloves thanks and animal magnetism pm me please
  2. This happens to me a lot, it thinks it has successfully completed the random event so it ignores it, then nekminute i'm in some random area, usually on the white mountain where wolves ko me.
  3. the tension is building for me as my rs client loads
  4. Get on dat renewal
  5. thanks
  6. Tbh just skinny, like you maybe have a little tone but I doubt you've ever lifted
  7. Shredded as fuaaark, pecs lacking though strong arms/10
  8. You can still order most of the good supplements online, I recently just got my Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, which has been really good and helpful, but then I also take some casein so my body is constantly replenished with protein as I sleep, and of course I cycle creatine, BEAST CREATURE creatine, a mixed blend of all essentials creatines.
  9. Yeah I get the same thing, and so do many others, e.g. the hodgetwins, Skull crushers are a night mare for me, I recommend starting light to warm up everything, then make your way up, also be sure to not be doing them on a flat bar
  10. You can do your major body parts three days a week when you're on tha tjuice bra, your muslces have way quicker recovery time, this is no good for natty
  11. 60, I weigh 176 pounds, 6 ft 2
  12. Pretty standard, but helpful to newbies