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  1. so i own premium rights to this but tribot thinks it is a free bot. wondering if it was supposed to think that way or what.
  2. i never actually had tri-bot downloaded, its in my download files but it never saves a cache on my pc, i cant delete anything and still having this problem
  3. haha yep
  4. i have the same issue
  5. Bought 10 credits, took about 5 minutes or so, will do again for sure.
  6. yea having a problem, seers wont do at all, just tries to bank over and over again, never doing the course, even tried starting in the course, still never does anything.
  7. It does have a nest counter, in the Bot Debug form.
  8. One of the best free scripts i have used so far, Great work! Its a little slow just as it gets a full inventory before walking to bank, it can take up to two minutes to finally start walking to the bank.All because it tries to click the water, but still flawless, always makes it to the bank and also collected about 74 bnests for me.
  9. Wonderful, i moved up to seers, but i may try it out and see how its running. Thanks for the fix
  10. im not sure, it seems to do it when i walk away, and no tribot never relogs me in lol. and where you said you were going to look into it, its the stages 9-13 where they are all basically the same obstacle, over the mining guild i always have my chatbox full of "I can't reach that!" Yea im not even sure how to have tribot relog into the game.
  11. It runs back and forth between the drop down and hurdle at stage 10. You did still do a really good job, great script. Has also logged me out a few times with nothing to do with randoms.
  12. Works great, gets stuck at 9,10 and 11 on the fally course, but eventually fixes itself, the reason it gets stuck is the right click to walk here gets the character to run back and forth between. No problems other than that. Thumbs up
  13. Banking has been working fine for me, doing maples at seers, no problem so far. Great script though.
  14. Haha it doesnt really matter to me