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  1. Amount of gold to Buy/Sell: 15M OSRS Payment method: PP Have you PM'ed me your skype or msn: Yessir Have u added me already: On Skype Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: Of course!!
  2. 'Bot' 2 bonds from this wonderful person. Get it, bot, cause we're botters? Neener! Anyways, most certainly trust, vouch and all of the above.
  3. I'd like to purchase 3 bonds, please. (1 for one account & 2 for another account)
  4. I will only buy from you if you have nice feedback however, if not you will have to go first, sorry. YoHo isn't online otherwise, yes.
  5. I too am dealing with this. I believe it was the bank update, and we all got 24 extra spaces.. recommended that you get x2 sets of everything you need & put them up at the top of your bank. Of course that's an extra mil that you shouldn't have to spend but it would be worth it because you'll most likely make your money back by the time it's fixed.
  6. I tried for a 50H proggy, but for whatever reason the script is kinda freezing. (not letting me interfere and the script gets stuck in certain areas. Almost like it is using up too much CPU, because other scripts work fine) I'll run it again while i'm at work and see. I leave it going and it literally gets 5 treasure trails done in like 8 hours lol. EDIT, yup, 6 hours later and only 8 treasure trails finished. Something's wrong with the banking. since I hate double posting /2nd edit - updated java to newest version, redownloaded tribot & it's working how it should be. (for now) Will be babysitting it tonight since I'm off tomorrow and will let you know it's there's anything wrong. was looking in the bot debug and it kept saying hey 2 hey 2 hey 2 over and over when the script freezes while trying to get items for the emote clues.. >> not everytime, only when it tried scrolling up to grab an item & the item was barely visible in bank. I'll try and get screenshots/video for you to see.
  7. I've had a few offers in W2 because that's where a lot of saps are. Usually if you add everything up for them and throw a price out there, people will buy it. & for a 50H proggie I may have to take a few breaks inbetween so if I do end up doing this it will be anywhere from 52-55H proggie. 2nd edit, btw your script is working the best i've ever seen. Very job well done INT!!
  8. well, you could do it at 1 defense, but you'd have to skip a reasonable amount of the emote clues. /edit I personally would make a separate account just to do the clues. I'd get my thieving up to level 50, (which takes a day, really) & then go from there. Your GPPH is much higher & you won't have to skip most if not all clues. Also, 45 magic is recommended (for me) because tabs get kind of expensive. Unfortunately there was a system update, otherwise I would of went for 24H and 100 clues. The loot WASN'T from the 24H, but I had gotten a reasonable amount from this proggy.
  9. Definitely not.. I've restarted the client, re-downloaded it, restarted my PC, bot debugged.. Done everything it seems and nothing works.. Beforehand, my other account that I was botting on (2 accounts in total) it wasn't working. I removed the other script I mentioned and it worked for that specific account. and what does it mean that it's using trilez's system? Does that mean that it can't run two clients or something? (me)<--- still a newb mkay
  10. still not unlocking trap door, so i switched to men/women.. which is better? hams/goblins/men&women or even between goblins and men/women? 20 mins, no clue.. assuming hams are the best.. //2ND EDIT! i found the problem. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/28139-master-thiever-free-flawless-automatic-task-switching-200k-profit-per-hour/ this script after I removed it made your script work again. It is a good script, however it stopped me from using your script for whatever reason. I just removed it from res and it worked, sorry for any troubles ive caused you. /3rd edit lol... It only works for 1 account, for your script. (for ham members) when you're free, can you take a looksee?
  11. [17:58:36] Ignored IDs: [0][17:58:38] Is trapdoor opened? true[17:58:39] Is trapdoor opened? true[17:58:41] Is trapdoor opened? true[17:58:43] Is trapdoor opened? true Even though it's not opened. I re-downloaded tribot, restarted my PC but nothing works. any solutions anybody?
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