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  1. just sold him 10m almost instantly, he sent me a pm on tribot with some of our skype convo to verify, he took care of paypal fees, great sale ty
  2. Why is it $90 now instead of $70 for a lifetime auth? Is it because we can now use K and M for max/min bets instead of typing extra zeroes? Isn't the script virtually the same except you changed to tribot clicking methods which haven't been working too well, and the K and M thing?
  3. The lag was also discussed here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/32196-lag-spikes/
  4. Notice to all: I'm still having the issue where my character won't attack when my opponent is on a tile with one or more people. I encountered this problem twice in 10 minutes last night. I've so far managed to record the last half of one duel, and one full duel where this problem occurred. I just sent the second duel video to Assume. So, anyone who is staking now or who plans to before the issue is fixed, stake with caution. I'm not sure if my videos will provide enough information for Assume to figure out what the problem is, so if you have free time to monitor your stakes, try to get some footage. I use OBS to record, it's free and easy to set up. Thx
  5. This just happened to me. Wasn't recording, but yeah I just saw it. I'll try to get some footage.
  6. I was able to use non lite mode forever, why do I have to use lite now? Just wondering. Tribot update?
  7. I'm still having a problem, the graphics freeze and I get this: http://imgur.com/epfia5B http://imgur.com/XCQSLBb
  8. Are you a pure? There's an option in the GUI "Switch styles" it flicks for whip and lunges for DDS.
  9. I apologize for another stats question. My knowledge on stats and staking is very minimal. My current stats are 70 att, 75 str, 50 def, 75 hp. My combat level is 84 because I have high levels of magic/ranged and a medium level of prayer. I was looking to DDS/whip. I hear high strength is good, like in the 90s. Should I train strength? Have I messed up my stats because of my defense? Maybe a staking stats help thread or a guide would be good for noobs like me. Thanks all.
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