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  1. It'll remove that rock over and over again instead of finding the ladder also it might be worth adding a selection interface when starting the bot to actually choose a floor cus if i manually take the ladder down or just run the bot from the bank chest it'll stick solely to the ground floor
  2. when on top floor with full inv, bot clears rock closest to bank chest and stays still as the smart path it generates doesn't go down the ladder
  3. better late than never i suppose Xmouse_data-85418-1427629147236.dat
  4. seems unlikely since among the scripts i added was "RS3 AIO divination" edit: thought i'd add a puush to make sure what i'd added was rs3 scripts http://puu.sh/6cErl.png
  5. very disappointed with the script after just buying it, first run it made it to the altar but wouldn't click and then when i restarted from edge bank again it sat doing nothing after withdrawing house tab and ess
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