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  1. Same issues.. Any fix? I have latest version
  2. Same. It keeps crashing and locking the script. It's pretty silly that non-VIP members can't manually check the script back in when it is a tribot error causing the crashes.
  3. Same issue. Hopefully a quick fix
  4. Did anyone else's script crash and can't load any scripts? Think the repository might be down but just checking as I can't see any other posts
  5. Just tested - it now logs out after depositing. it says "Going to Pollnivneach to refill waterskins!" and then logs out. I will PM you the full error log. I also noticed it kept turning off middle mouse button to move camera setting, not sure if this was script or ABC2 specific. I hadn't had it happen before (90+ mining from MLM using this script so far, only recently moved to quarry).
  6. I know that sandstone is still in beta, but just a suggestion. When it refills the waterskins at pollnivneach, can you please make it deposit the sandstone first? Will save a lot of run energy on the run over there. Thanks!
  7. Hi there. At MLM, the script was getting stuck trying to put pay dirt onto the conveyor belt when there is still dirt on there from the previous inventory (i.e. no one else has fixed the machine to send it down by the time it mined another inventory). This is quite uncommon as there are usually a lot of people there, but if you have a quiet world can be an issue as it just keeps trying to deposit even though it can't. I only let it try a couple of times before interrupting, not sure if you already have a fail safe built in. If not, perhaps you could implement a fail safe to drop a dirt, pick up hammer and fix before depositing? I didn't grab a screenshot of the error message but I can generate one by dropping 1 dirt, depositing, picking it up and trying to deposit that one again if you need?
  8. Will hold for runelite, but still that's awesome! Thanks dev team
  9. Sorry for my naivety, but what's the difference between this and the one from RuneLite?
  10. Same issue, must be down. Don't bother reinstalling java etc - it did nothing for me.
  11. I'm thinking this too. Are people having more luck with v2 or v3?
  12. Hmm it mustn't have been there prior to this week as I've been using the script for months before this.. I'll fiddle with some settings and see what I can do. Thanks for your timely replies, made it a lot easier to identify the issue. Edit: Boom! If anyone else has this issue, in OSBuddy settings under "All opponent info", turn off "Add asterisk to name when health is less than max"
  13. Other people who had this option restarted tribot twice, letting it load to the RS screen each time, and it worked... Maybe give that a go, might work.
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