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  1. *watches intently* Keeeen
  2. A tricky one. When doing knights in ardy bank, if the knight moves out from the trapped spot everyone generally gets off it to let splasher get aggro again. The bot keeps following it around the bank thieving, resulting in getting mass reported from everyone waiting for it to get off. I just don't know what the practical workaround is
  3. Any chance on adding Potato with cheese as supported food? (ID 6705)? Or let us select by ID? It is easy to get food for Ironmen. Thx
  4. Agree that pickpocketing is slow, seems to do it every 3 ticks as opposed to 2? Wonder if spam clicking would be better? Or at least increasing the speed of the one-click-per-pickpocket to at least get it every 2nd tick. The blackjacking part is really good though Love the tick handling on that one.
  5. Were you using a free script or a premium?
  6. Mugiwara

    nRogues Den

    Any plans of making a thieving script too?
  7. Where do we get the openosrs modified by fluffee?
  8. Not a problem, happy birthday. It's still broken for me too. I have downloaded latest version of tribot and deleted hooks. Unsure if it's location specific, but it is not banking angler fish, not sure on other fish. It opens bank and just stays there doing nothing. If I manually click to deposit, it continues the next inventory until trying to bank again.
  9. Mugiwara

    Basic Motherlode

    Looks nice, congrats on release. Will look into for my next script to run
  10. Any update on banking encoded? I have deleted hooks.dat and tried on two different computers. Other scripts weren't broken with the latest update
  11. Also complaining that banking still doesn't work. I have deleted hooks, but definitely due to the recent update. I can't see a tribot banner this time, so the issue may be specific to your scripts' banking method?
  12. While karambwan fishing, when banking it sometimes runs south to the cosmic altar and get stuck there trying to run to bank through the wall. This has happened twice today, but didn't happen at all yesterday.
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