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Proficient Move

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  1. Sovereignty will not diminish the botting community, stay strong my friends.

  2. The idea of having an army of bots is unique but, it's just asking to be discovered even quicker. Okay let me get this straight so basically you would need a different proxy for every and each account macroing to make things meet like you say?
  3. so practically proxies are useless? thanks for the info guys might get back to my new journey of botting once I detain a new IP.
  4. From all the perspectives of the people whom has gotten banned what do you think? do proxies certainly help you in the journey to macroing long distance of time majorly without being discovered? or does it not improve or help in any matter of all?
  5. What's the world without humans? Peace..

  6. Proficient Moves. Think Big.

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