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  1. Script has worked well for me so far. I feel rev teleport scroll support would be worthwhile for using craws since deaths prior to reaching revs happens more often, or at least seems to. I've run into some issue where the bot will be at grand exchange and will be clicking in the top left where the chest would be if it was in clan wars, seems to have gotten stuck where it needed to tele to clan wars still. One other time happened where it was constantly right clicking the emote tab for some reason while sitting at grand exchange. Was using resize when both instances occurred.
  2. I'm able to play with looking glass if I open up runescape in the internet explorer browser only. So try that for now guys. Nothing else works for me still.
  3. Having this issue where I can't edit any values such as stop after level, it won't let me click in the box to edit it. Also, none of the paint is displaying that shows xp/hr and stuff. I've hit CTRL and it didn't change.
  4. There is an issue when using coal bag. I have 68 smithing, ice gloves, staminas and energy potions, and am only getting 250k gp/hr with steel bars and using coal bag. It sometimes doesn't withdraw iron and has to run back to get it, and doesn't get bars that quickly either. It will run to the bank and then run back for the bars. It will also sometimes not unload coal from the bag when depositing the iron, so it basically wastes the whole run to the ore dispenser and doesn't utilize the coal bag. 250k gp/hr seems awfully low for using optimal gear.
  5. Love the script, only one issue I'm having. When barb fishing, it keeps getting stuck at 'dropping junk' when having shift click drop checked. It will sit there until I log out, log me back in and sit there again and repeat cycle. Could this be looked into please?
  6. Bought this the other day, so far disappointed. Doing the repair gates/barricades method. Cuts trees fine, but could easily get 50 zeal by repairing all barricades right next to eachother, but decides to go to different areas of PC and more than 50% of the time fails to achieve 50 zeal. Also, usually sits for a while and causes to not get zeal either with this: Walking to new repair area repair area: Middle It will continue to show this in the client debug. Defending and attacking portals seems to work fine, but trying now to get HP xp, therefore, I can not use that.
  7. Each time I make a new account and start botting I get banned within first 24hrs. It can be botting anything, I create my own breaks and have a big random factor in it, so it's not nearly the same each time, but no matter what I get banned within 24hours. Within 3 days if I'm lucky. And I don't run it straight 24hrs.... What am I doing wrong!? I've wasted a lot on memberships -__-
  8. Will this be fixed anytime soon? I have like 5k iron ores to smelt xd
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