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  1. Salam

    Expired ban?

    So, will my next offence be another 2 day? yes ofcourse! i have tried it and i have many screenshots if u need
  2. i am from israel btc is not supported either circlepay
  3. paypal is my payment method!! pm me ur skype or contact info or here up 2 u !
  4. where is the right section plz?
  5. sure i will take @
  6. message me here or on my skype is salam daher my payment method :paypal
  7. Salam

    Error Help!

    click on the image and help me please if you could!
  8. welcome back again, thanks for the extension's but is it normal that some of the scripts aint working because of the maintenance ?
  9. Salam

    got ban for 5 days...

    ur so right..i used to run the bot for over than 14 hours a day..
  10. just got ban for 5 days using bot..after the 5 days period..should i be using bot again? or i will be specetated??
  11. guys! the bot is working great..personally i have experienced alot of bugs but i figured out how to go over it...please pm me ur specific bugs i can help you fix them ur-self! without waiting for an update :#additional the script should be updated with new functions/options.!
  12. i can see but i am experiencing the super energy bug/error /etc..with emergency i have no problem at all..maybe you should try to reduce or increase the eating relatively in the script settings..try to eat at 70% or 80% try to increace the emergency teleport..i know it has no sense but maybe it has to do something related with the errors we are experiencing
  13. (suggestion) we all have experienced dying by using this script and you found that you have died 5 hours ago and ur bot is still standing doing nothing...i think the next feature implement should be..even if you die and lose your pouches the bot should visit the bank take house teleport and pure ess and run nats even without pouches! BETTER THAN 5 hours doing nothing!
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