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  1. maybe. ''Or he could make us pay $20 for an email change, sellout mode'' no plss fkn hell.
  2. its possible for him to change It, I already know I can't change it. ''and if trilez would change it for you everybody would pm him etc'' that makes no sense but I see what your trying to say. I've PMed him many times but no reply.
  3. Can you let me change my email please? I've sent you PM after PM months ago and sent you one recently but no replys even made 2 threads about this but nothing has happened mods told me to PM you I have but no reply Can you please help me with this I've been wanting to buy credits despretly with PP but I can't since I dont have access to that PP account anymore. Thanks in advance.
  4. I could sell you RSGP if you'd like. Otherwise try out YoHoJo he is the most trusted user on Tribot.
  5. I can vouch for the website but you are not allowed to advertise on tribot without permission.
  6. Need to change My paypal email here Thanks in advance.
  7. ★ DignityOnline's RSGP(RS3<>OSRS) Swapping Shop★ Rates Your RS3 to my OSRS : 1:9 (You get 1M OSRS for every 9M RS3 You give me) Your OSRS to my RS3 : 1:7.5 (You get 7.7m RS3GP for every 1M OSRS You give me) Contact Details PM me onsite(SAFE) Skype: Dignityonline (ALWAYS ASK FOR A PM) Notes I don't mind going first to very trusted I am open to negotiate
  8. Heh diamond will take some time Heres my stats and who else I play
  9. Tune in @ http://www.twitch.tv/garenster Someone give me a good playlist to use please In gold 3 but gonna be diamond soon since I hyper carry
  10. ''Not trying to drive users away from buying what they want, because at the end of this all, it's still their choice. Runescape has horrible account management, and because of that there is so much risk in buying an account. I'm just pointing out the obvious. 1. Waste of money. 2. It can get recovered at any time. 3. It can get locked at any time. 4. You play in fear/worry that the account may get recovered. 5. You can't claim the accomplishments the account holds. 6. It can get banned for offenses prior to the account selling. 7. Takes away the fun. 8. You can't participate in what the account already has done. 9. You can't fight for the recovery of the account yourself, you must contact the original owner, which most likely has already scamemd you. 10. You're better off playing on an account created by you. Explaining each number: 1. Ultimately, it is definitely a waste of money. It does not matter how much money you have, spending it on such a risky investment is a bad choice of judgment, and you should not be allowed to hold any type of currency. 2. That is right. The account can get recovered at any time. It could be years later, and the original owner can recover the account if he or she pleases. 3. The account can get locked at any time for suspicion. You would have to contact the original owner to unlock the account, and even after that Jagex would be notified in the changes of IP that recovers the account. After all that, the account has a chance of being permanently banned for account sharing/selling. 4. Why play in fear of the account getting stolen from you? All the time, money and effort spent would all be a waste. 5. Self explanatory. 6. There has been many instances where the account would be banned after it being sold for offenses prior to the actual selling of the account. Are you willing to take this risk, regardless of the discretions and disclaimers? 7. Takes away the fun for sure. Training is a grind, but what about all the other things the account has done that you wouldn't be able to do for yourself? 8. In connection to #7. 9. If the account gets recovered, you wouldn't be able to recover the account, even with all the information given to you, correct or not. 10. Runescape is the type of game that takes time for you to actually have fun. Yeah that sucks, but wouldn't you feel better about the account knowing what you done, was done by you?'' Credits to Ghast
  11. I have a new paypal account and don't use my old one anymore.
  12. I need to change it
  13. How can I change my PP email here
  14. Theres only one middleman and thats me 4/10
  15. Rate the person's signature that is above you in terms of posting. If you dont have one set you can just put it in the post