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    Then why can i not use my 2 premium scripts aAgility and aMiner? I've purchased both in the past and was able to use them without VIP, now i have to be VIP to use a premium paid-for script? I'm just confused as to if this is a bug or not mate, any reply is appreciated.
  2. The script uses Tribot's methods to input login details etc. How often does this happen? As far as I know, when Tribot's methods failed they used to delete your username and password before trying to retype them again. Only happened a for about 30minutes idk why, but it did quite a bit , it's working fine now though
  3. Not sure if it's the script or Tribot but sometimes when world hopping it'll double type in my login and not correct it so im stuck there until i come back and re run script.
  4. Having the same issue as T136. All 3 quarry locations when i set to powermine, it just constantly spam-right clicks the rocks, so atm i'm using your free one and it isn't having that issue.
  5. I suicided with no breaks 20/7 from 1-85, then from 85-90 was purely 100% addy ores, running 17 hours a day ish. No ban. Mind you its just my one account but it should add some reassurance
  6. thank you so much for giving me the option to use the old paint. I really was not trying to be rude, i just came off as rude, tyvm.
  7. This new paint is terrible, sorry , i really don't enjoy this. Not discrediting the creator of the paint but it is visually nauseating
  8. beautiful script mate glad i was able to support you and glad you're supporting me thanks for 85 mining and thanks for the bank! +1 for Aropupu
  9. --Sorry didn't screenshot, early am forgot to-- But just ran 2 6 hour proggies clocking in at 1.5k hides ea /200~ p/h, great script
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