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  1. Trial worked great, any chance adding a 2 credit 2 week option?
  2. Sulli woodcutting misclick drop mushroom and was spamming use mushroom on the sulli tree, had to manually click off the use option to get it working again. Understandable as it is beta and should be easy fix! Everything else working good except not sure what the varrock tele is for as it runs out of food and spam clicks log out so I cant tell if it is meant to do multiple runs or not.
  3. Currently my script is making the account and creating the characted, but the very first step of tutorial island (talk to gielinor guide) it just afk's for 5 minutes then dc's and starts creating the next account. Anything I'm missing?
  4. ohjaysimp

    Mobile Bot

    It would simply be nice to know which bot it was since TriBot advertising as mobile and desktop yet there isn't an option. If the name was available, I could test those ban rates
  5. ohjaysimp

    Mobile Bot

    doesn't seem that simple though if their ban rates are so low and mobile seems to be better for long -session botting
  6. ohjaysimp

    Mobile Bot

    Sirpugger new video about a mobile bot is intriguing because there is one that is strictly mobile but the guys interviewed state theirs has both mobile and web, so I was hoping this was tribot
  7. ohjaysimp

    Mobile Bot

    Says you can get Mobile bots on this but i cant figure out how to open a mobile client, any ideas? It's the most undetected and lowest ban rates so obviously a priority
  8. thanks ill just wait a week or two for him to come back and update before buying
  9. when was the script last updated since i read the owner was off for a month or so, did workers update some of the small bugs
  10. hows the ban rate on this, i just got a one day ban from botting and i dont want to spend 20 dollars to just get banned after one night.
  11. +1 fix please cannot use script as of right now
  12. works great just one issue, doing ghouls it has gotten stuck in slayer tower 3 times after running away from random, could add a failsafe for that, also i have a 24 hour proggy if you would like north ghouls for slay tower, south ghouls i had gotten stuck too far east that might just be the client though not finding its way back from the random
  13. default so i believe 40%? an im 75 health so its not like my 40% is 20 health
  14. decided id give it a go overnight, and i lost over 1m in items and all my tokens.... refund?
  15. just bought this and it somehow managed to get outside the guild and it was stuck clicking the wall for the food shop and couldnt get inside of the guild, need to add so it knows when it has to get back inside edit 1 -also bought food and didnt loot armor, lost it edit 2 - saw evil chicken happen while killing armor, it completed random but the armor was still animated, when and bought more food then went to bank because no armor found in inventory (because it was animated) needs to be able to register your armor is still animated and to go back to it.
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