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  1. Script is still working fine, just tested it and ran it over 5 hours =p
  2. Hi, i will check up on it, and fix it, thanks for reporting. sorry for my slow reply. Kind regards, DScripting
  3. Hi Smurffarm, isInCombat only returns true if the player's health bar is showing. Also, getHealth only returns a number if the healthbar is showing. Take a look at player.getRSPlayer getInteractingCharacter. if it is not null, the player is probably attacking something. Play around with that my friend. Kind regards, DScripting - TheD
  4. Currently using webwalking, going to change this to my own walking method to fix this. Should be updated shortly. Kind regards, DScripting
  5. It currently can happen and tries to kill whatever is attacking our friendly guy. For the walking we use ABC2 account preferences, so If i would hard program the run option, it would kill ABC2. Perhaps Please explain how you see this? Like teleport back from mine? or? I would love to hear your idea. I could create it. @all of you. Kind regards, DScripting - TheD
  6. Hi @guywithlsd, Thanks for the proggy. The break handler does not check if the account is still in combat. Therefor will spam the log-out button. I'll add a work around for the break handler soon. Thanks for the proggy. Kind regards, DScripting - TheD
  7. captcha doesn't work if your time is not correct. check your time settings, perhaps that has something to do with it? Kind regards, DScripting
  8. DCows Kills cows at a less popular location Version: 1.0 About DCows I made DCows as clean as possible for my Scripter application. I have ran the script the entire day without any problems. About DScripting DScripting creates scripts with one or multiple tasks. The key thing in our scripts is that it has to be fast, yet efficient and human like. A human does not misclick its target, and than goes afk 20 seconds, at least not that often. Focus on what the script should do, stress test it on at least 10 accounts for 10 hours, see what happens. Bug free? Ready to release. Losing from others often? Fixing it. We repeat the process until the script is exactly what you need. And is on the high-quality end like you should be able to expect from all DScripts. Features ABC2 Looting support Kills cows & cow calfs Simple informative paint Full banking support Supports 6 types of food Option to bury bones Frequently asked questions: Q: Where do I start this script? A: Anywhere in Lumbridge should work, recommended to start at the cow field Q: End Timer? If I make it stop after exactly 1 hour, that would kill my anti-ban? A: Yes, and so we made it totally random. End script after 1 hour? That means it could end anywhere between 60 minutes and 119 minutes and 59 seconds. Q: I found a bug / glitch! A: Please send me a private message on the forums including the following form: Update log: Get it now!
  9. TheD

    Buying 1 credit for 2m

    see post above, or for quick credits @erickho123:
  10. I really like how you made this @Assume really gives people who want to create something for them selves a great opportunity to do so. ++
  11. Awesome release @Final Calibur might actually use this ^^
  12. TheD

    Thanks Tribot!

    Keep adding rewards it is nice to see that. It also motivates others
  13. Well.. That is strange.. @iFluffee most of the time has an idea on what to do or what is going on, let's hope he will read this.
  14. that is correct. However, accounts above a certain age, mostly do not get banned perm. This rule is not always true tho.
  15. so you got banned, and now you want to run an entire botfarm? Good luck than friend!
  16. Hi, I'd like to start off by asking you to read this: As you can read I have been gone for some time, against my will. I understand that I have to re-earn my scripter rank, and that is the reason why I am re-applying for the rank. My previous scripter application can be found here. ~~Start of Application~~ 1) Snipplets: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9493-snippets-some-random-event-codes-instructions/ Random events (Niles, giles, miles, mime, frog island) (OLD) https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9496-snippet-big-monster-attacking-looting/ an alternative way for attacking big monsters. (OLD) https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9841-snippet-walking-method/ Walking method (OLD) 2) Tutorials: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9844-simple-version-check/ Version checking (OLD) https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9499-tut-news-system/ News system (New) 3) Randoms/updates submitted: I have send the code for solving; Niles, Giles, Miles, Sandwich lady, Frog Island to Trilez. I have also posted them recently here in the form of a snippet: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9493-snippets-some-random-event-codes-instructions/ (OLD) 4) Scripts available to the public: Pre-note: I made all the scripts mostly in one class, so it was easier to get it up on pastebin. DChickens [thread] [Source] DGnomeAgility [thread] [Source] DClay [thread] [Source] DStunAlcher [thread] [Source] DCows [thread] [Source] *LATEST* This one was created last, and reflects my programming knowledge best, in my opinion. 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: Hi, I am TheD which stands for TheDutch. I come from the Netherlands and am currently 22 years young. Before I was sent to jail (read story above) I was working on my own Game Framework in C++ based on SDL & OpenGL. In the past I have created several games and have been the owner of a RuneScape Private server in the past with around 250 players online at the same time. I have also created several zombie maps for Call of Duty - World at War. Search for "TripleMGames" on YouTube, and you'll find maps our team created. Besides that I love to work with raspberry pi and hack WII Remotes to create my own custom remote controllers such as a belt I created for RollBotic (See YouTube) I am experienced in the following programming languages:- C++- C#- Java- JavaScript I Started programming around 7 years ago, I have programmed robots since when RSBuddy was first released. I always strive to think one step forward in anti ban and detection of the bots. Besides all that I have always been one of the leaders in private script development. On TRiBot alone I had over 15 private scripts in 2013. Like I said in my last submission I do not want to keep scripts to myself anymore. I find it much more satisfying to release all my creations to the public. 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: I have been on TRiBot since nearly the start of 07scape, I am always trying to create new innovative scripts that offer more. I unfortunately have been absent in the past, but I am trying my hardest and am currently re-integrating to the community. Taking feedback and improving what I do based on the feedback I get. However, my scripts run and ran flawless for countless hours on end, and I will continue to release both free & premium scripts (once I can). I believe that I can provide TRiBot with quality scripts that the community needs. 7) What you plan to provide the community with: Knowledge about anti ban, and how ABC2 is a tool to assist you in writing a safe script, not the entire solution. I'd like to create both free, premium and open sourced scripts where I can. I take script requests already, and am just releasing them to the public for free :).8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? Yes, absolutely 9) Extra I like to believe that my knowledge is different than others, I might not write scripts just like everyone else, but they work, and have always had a low ban-rate on the structure. I would ask other script writers to not only answer yes or no, but if you got any feedback for me, on any script,guide,tutorial or just code structure. Please post below or send as a private message to @TheD feedback can help me improve, and that's my main goal. Thanks for your time to read this thread. Kind regards, DScripting - TheD Edit: Added a script that best reflects my actual knowledge of programming in Java for Tribot. See the source: https://github.com/DScripting/DCows
  17. Hi, Welcome friend! Enjoy your stay. Kind regards, DScripting
  18. Updated to version 1.01
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